28 October 2013 (Monday) - After the Storm

Last night I went to bed feeling vaguely annoyed. We had been promised (or threatened with) the worst storm for twenty five years. It had been windy yesterday, and there had been heavy rain during the evening. But I slept well; normally heavy rain is noisy against the window. It wasn’t last night.

Extreme weather is often akin to bright comets; never lives up to expectations. It’s the unexpected ones that take us by surprise. Last night’s storm was a bit of a disappointment. We’ve had one fence post break and two panels fall down. Or, to be more precise, next door have had one fence post break and two panels fall down. It’s their fence. Mind you the dustbin lid seems to have vanished. I wonder where that has gone.

I took my dog round the park immediately after brekkie so we could see the damage to the surrounding area. There were a few branches blown off of trees in the park, and a couple of footpaths were blocked as we walked around Singleton Lake, but hardly the promised apocalypse. Whilst pootling my phone rang. the most recent fruit of my loin had the cob. Having travelled half way across the county to get to Big School she had a message to say the University was closed as the lecturers couldn't get there. And she'd hurt her neck too.

We came home and I popped down road to the chemist to get some Vaseline for beer-related purposes. Whilst in the area I had a look in the bakery. They did french sticks and cake at three quarters of the price of the local corner shop. It pays to shop around. I then voomed round with the Hoover and put washing onto the washing line. Or half of the washing line – the other half had come down with the fence overnight.
I was just about to make a cuppa when the door bell rang. It was the plumber. he was early; that suited me. The boiler needed its annual service. I have been told that not having a boiler serviced is an economy I might easily make. But I've seen what happens to unmaintained boilers. The chap did his thing whilst "Furry Face TM" woofed at him, and was soon on his way. I then made my cuppa and had my cake whilst watching a film I'd recorded the other day.

"F" was... well, it was rubbish. Supposedly a horror film: it was about an alcoholic teacher who found himself in a school after hours with various pupils and teachers all of whom were being murdered by rather elusive hoodie-wearing thugs. I think the film was supposed to be allegorical. Though it could have been allegorical of absolutely anything.

I then got busy with the home brew. Last week I started some brown ale off for a Christmas party. That is now in the barrel, and my own Christmas stout is in the bucket hopefully fermenting. I then did this week's dino-course; dinosaur evolution. I only got sixty per cent in the test. I should have paid more attention. I would have played Candy Crush Saga, but the computer wasn't having any of it, so instead I found some FTP freeware that actually worked and backed up all of September's blog rantings. I seem to have missed an anniversary; whilst my little dog was busy being ill in early September I missed the seventh anniversary of my first blog entry. It wasn't anything special (much like the following two thousand five hundred and fifty-odd entries), but I've blogged every day for the seven years since early September 2006.

I heard a commotion in the back garden. "Next Door" have fixed the broken fence. With new panels. I shall have to paint them. And there are gaps at the bottom of the new fence panels. I shall have to get more brindle chippings. I'll do that another time, eh?
I then had a look at a project I staarted a while back but rather let slip. My lego train set is almost complete. I've ordered the last few bits I need to complete the track. Next I need to find sommewhere to set it up permanently and to do some landscaping...

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