3 October 2013 (Thursday) - National Poetry Day

I had an early night last night. I woke feeling refreshed and raring to go. I had almost decided that early nights would be the way forward for me and then I noticed the clock. 2.30am! I lay awake listening to the snoring and farting of my dog (who had again sneaked upstairs) for an hour or so before I gave up on sleep and got up.
I was again watching "Brideshead Revisited" at 5am. Charles was in a gay bar; the saucy devil. I don't think he intended to be in one - it just sort of happened, as so often it does in life.

I then checked my emails. Overnight I had received the thumbs-down on my letterbox hybrid. But not disheartened I resolved to try again; this time harder. This failure is my own fault really. I put the thing too close to an exisiting cache. I should have checked at the time when I shoved it into the undergrowth; after all it would only have taken one click of the appropriate app. But I didn't click.
I could have put things right before work this morning but there wasn't really enough time. Fortunately I had had the all-clear on the Wherigo I had put out, so yesterday hadn't been completely wasted. In fact I was very pleased to find that someone had actually gone out and done my Wherigo this morning, enjoyed it immensely and had found the actual cache shortly after 11am. I was particularly happy about that as it means that all the programming and coding I did on the software involved has actually worked. While all was fine on my field trials I couldn't help but wonder how the thing would fare when used properly.

To work. As I drove I sulked about the weather. Yesterday morning had seen torrential rain when I was hoping to walk my dog. Today was glorious. However the pundits were forecasting storms so I spent much of the day looking out of the window hoping for such a storm. Interestingly the BBC's weather web site made mo mention on any storms. Again BBC radio didn't get it's weather forecast from the BBC web site.

Whilst at work we spoke little (if any) French today. French wasn't a language we could say; because it was National Poetry Day. And so to celebrate that time; today we had to talk in rhyme.
I tried to keep it up, but many of my colleagues had given up by 9.30am; which was a shame. Or was probably for the best, depending on your personal perspective and/or poetic bent.

I had my flu injection today. In the past I have alway turned down flu jabs because I have always maintained that people who don't have the jab don't get flu whilst those who have the injection get ill from having had it. But I was coaxed, cajoled and generally harrassed into having the injection. It didn't hurt, and I suppose it must be a good thing really. Time will tell - it always does.

After work we had the meeting of the astro club committee. Plans for the future are looking good, and possibly feature a rather impressive mount. Woof!
As I came home I drove through a thunderstorm. Rather impressive...

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