2 October 2013 (Wednesday) - New Hides, Dinosaurs, Laundry

I slept well, surprisingly, and woke just before 7am to the sound of torrential rain against the bedroon window. There's nothing like a good downpour to stuff up any plans that may have been made. I scoffed brekkie and then checked the weather forecast. The rain outside had cleaerd up, and with a predicted window of about four hours until the rain would come back I thought I'd take "Furry Face TM" for a walk.

We went out through Viccie Park and Singleton Lake to Great Chart. I hid two geocaches in the area; the Wherigo I'd been working on for two days, and a letterbox hybrid. Both of which are particularly obscure forms of small plastic boxes. No one else in Ashford has hidden these. You might think that cachers would be interested in these for the novelty value. We shall see.
Normally the chap who gives caches the thumbs up or thumbs down is very quick in doing so. He's taking his time over these; I suppose I get so used to the chap's efficiency that I overlook the fact that his is a volunteer and he too has a life of his own to lead.

We came home from our walk just before mid day. My little dog had been really well behaved whilst out, and once home he yummed up the food I put down for him. He then made himself comfortable on the sofa and snored for much of the afternoon.
I had planned to clear rubbish from the garden and to mow the lawn but not only was everything still wet from the earlier downpour, but it had started raining again. So I resigned myself to cracking on with the ironing. there was lots of it. As I ironed I watched more episodes of "Brideshead Revisited". Sebastian had gone out on the sauce somewhere in the middle east whist Charles and Julia were having it away on an ocean liner in the Atlantic.
Also whilst I ironed next door clanged on their piano. Whilst not totally abysmal, the standard of their piano-ing leaves a lot to be desired. And despite over two hours of clanging every day for many years they make absolutely no improvement in their musical ability whatsoever.
With ironing done, despite their clanging I dozed off in front of the telly until er indoors TM" came home for tea. And then went out again. Apparently there was a meeting of candlemongers this evening.

Finding myself at a loose end I had half a plan to go down to Folkestone to investigate this pub of which the Rear Admiral had been singing praises recently, but judging by his Facebook updates he seemed to be busy in London. So instead I sorted out more laundry and did this week's installment of my dinosaur course whilst my dog slept on my chest alternately snoring and farting...
Did I ever mention that I never wanted a dog...?

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  1. could you send the link for the dino course please matey?