7 October 2013 (Monday) - In The River

I slept in till gone7am this morning. I was still feeling grim. Mind you nowhere near as grim as er indoors TM" has turned. She’s not well at all. I suggested she should phone in to work to say she was sick, but she went in to work regardless.

I put the collar and lead onto my little dog and we went for a small walk down to Park Farm, back up to the Ashford Orbital park and home again. It was really foggy as we started, but the day brightened as we went. Once in Park Farm we stopped off near the top for the day’s geocache. It would have been daft not to. “Gunners” is one I went for a week or so ago and couldn’t find. Over the weekend I read that others had gone for it and failed to find it. Today I saw the thing right away. It was obvious. Truly obvious. I saw it from fifty yards away. I say “fifty yards” because I measured the distance.

On the way home my dog did his signature move of rolling in fox poo. I wasn’t cross. It wasn’t that long ago that he was too ill to go for a walk, and I’m so pleased that he is well enough to roll in the dung. My piss did boil as we came to the river by Asda. Someone had thrown a sofa into the river. Why? In order to throw a sofa into the river at that point someone would have had to carry it for several hundred yards. In fact lugging the sofa would have had to have been a team effort. Surely there would have been easier and more environmentally-friendly places to throw a sofa?

And so home. As I got within yards of home I saw a chap struggling to control his dog as he walked down the path toward me. On seeing me the fellow started shouting orders at me directing me away from him and his dog. The dog didn’t seem to be aggressive in any way; just seeming to want to pull its owner about. The chap loudly announced that he was going to get out of the way, and that I should cross the road and pass them on the other side of the road. He got out of the way by going into my front garden and standing in the middle of it; shouting orders at me as he did so.
I (and my dog and his dog) ignored him completely as I walked up my front path, unlocked the door and went in.

Over a spot of lunch I watched the last instalment of Brideshead Revisited. I always thought it was a shame that Charles never married Julia. Was he really gay? I never thought so. And did he really get religion in the end? The commentaries on the book think so.

After lunch I spent a little time on my next presentation to the astro club. At the end of the month I shall be ranting about what a load of rubbish comets are. I tried to upload to my blog archive, but the software was having a sulk. I shall try again later. And I had a look at the household accounts. I wish I hadn’t. I then intended to spend a few minutes on Wherigo software. I actually spent a few hours. ANd with er indoors TM" off bowling I continued my "Jeremy Irons on the telly" theme by watching him in the film of "Lolita". A good film; even if it was about an hour too long...

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