17 October 2013 (Thursday) - This n That

Last night we were given a dog Christmas stocking for "Furry Face TM". I told er indoors TM" that we had soemthing for him. My dog actually understood what was said as he then spent over an hour whining and squeaking at the Christmas stocking obviously wanting to destroy it.

I slept surprisingly well last night, waking just before 5.30am. Over brekkie I watched the third episode of "The Mill". I do like this series. This morning's episode featured the rise of the trade union movement. It's amazing how things change with time. In the early nineteenth century trade unions were a force for good; stopping the exploitation of children and the poor. It's a shame that now, two hundred years later, they have been overtaken by the unelectable who abuse the authority of the trade union movement to play silly political games to the detriment of those they should be protecting.
Not that I'm bitter or anything...

And so to work. It was still dark when I left home. I drove slowly today. Very slowly. Some idiot drove all the way from Ashford to Canterbury at thirty miles an hour. Well below the speed limit. I wish people wouldn't do that; or if they must drive slowly they might pull over regularly to let others pass. I was several cars behind the one causing the problem, and it was scary to see so many other idiots overtaking so dangerously.
Talking of idiots, the radio broadcast some of the proceedings in Parliament yesterday. On the one hand broadcasting from Parliament is a good thing as it allows the public to see and hear what our lords and masters are getting up to.
On the other hand is a shame that our lords and masters behave like an undisciplined rabble.

I stopped off on the way to work to fill the car with petrol. After all I seem to have done little else over the last few days but throw money at the vehicle; I might as well use my last few pennies on it. I must admit that having spent a small fortune on it, it doesn't seem to feel any different at all. Perhaps that's a good thing?

And then on to work. Yesterday whilst at home it rained most of the day. Today was glorious sunshine, and I looked at it through the window and sulked for most of the day.
I did my bit at work, and then came home again. As I drove I listened to the radio. I know I shouldn't. This evening the Attorney General was spouting rubbish.

Mind you I did have a wry smile when I checked my emails when I got home. A couple of days I set another Earthcache. This one was all about the tides at Dungeness. The idea is to be at Littlestone beach an hour before low tide; walk to the sea, answer some questions and then come back. The cacher then wastes two hours and goes to the low water at Dungeness an hour after low tide, and compares the differences between the two beaches.
The cache went live last night after low tide. The first low tide that anyone could have done the requisite stuff on was at 4.30am this morning. And one hardy soul did. This chap was walking across a mile of wet mud at Littlestone Beach in the dark at 3.30am this morning.
This race to be first to find these caches has now got silly...

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