13 October 2013 (Sunday) - Rain Stopped Play

The plan for today had been to go for a rather long walk, if for nothing else to wear out "Furry Face TM". But I woke to see that the weather forecasts had been right. Heavy rain was in full flow. Whilst it's quite possible to dress for the weather and carry on regardless, I didn't fancy several miles in the rain. So we postponed our plans for another time.
Mind you others went ahead with walks today. One brave band did the eight mile trek around Pluckley that we did yesterday. They must love it. As must those brave souls who did the Ashford 10K road race.

Social media made my piss boil today. One of the old chestnuts was doing the rounds - reading several friend's statuses it would seem that apparenlty Facebook was going to sell everyone's personal details to the highest bidder unless you copied and pasted some viral drivel and fiddled with settings. As ever it was completely groundless; these rumours always are. But what got me was the amount of people posting in response who were boasting that they didn't know how to copy and paste. And adjusting settings was clearly in the realms of rocket science or brain surgery.
Would anyone boast that they can't read or write? So why do so many people feel that computer illiteracy is something of which they should be proud?

As the rain continued I played Candy Crush Saga all morning, then we went round to Dan and Cheryl's for Sunday lunch. It has to be said that Cherly boils up a particularly good Sunday lunch. And trifle for pudding too before we settled down to watch telly for the afternoon.
For all that I lead a very active life, sometimes I like to slob about with family

Yesterday I mentioned that two of my recently created Wherigos hadn't been found. This morning I had an email to say that one of them had been found. I was pleased about that; in the Wherigo I program a downloadable doobrey which when installed into your SmartPhone guides you from one localtion to the next; only letting you move on when you have solved certain puzzles. Any failure to solve the conundrum means you are stuck and cannot progress. Simularly any stuffing up of the programming on my part means the poor chap who's downloaded the doobrey is stuck and cannot progress. Even though I field-tested both, I knew the solutions to the puzzles. it was good to find that one of my Wherigos has actually worked when tested in anger.
Mind you the other one hadn't been found by lubch time. And it was rather worrying to receive an email from someone who has got part way through and can proceed no further. I sent him a little hint, and then mid-afternoon I got a second email from someone who had braved the elements and met with failure. Then I had some phone calls from people struggling with the thing.

With er indoors TM" off bowling I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round to Frog's Island to field test this Wherigo again. It seemed I had stuffed up. But just as I was getting started I met four friends who had just completed it. They had taken rather longer than I had hoped people might; but I suspect that I didn't take long when testing as I knew the plot. With this one now found I know that the software works. That was a relief. There's no denying that my meagre programming talents were stretched to the limit in coming up with these Wherigos. I suspect troubleshooting would have been be beyond me.

I then settled myself down in front of the telly for a "Jeeves-and-Wooster-a-thon"...

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