20 October 2013 (Sunday) - More Rain

Like last Sunday the plan for today was a serious walk with the dogs and to find a cache or two as we walked. But the rain yesterday afternoon would have left everywhere soaked, the weather forecast was predicting heavy rain all day, and er indoors TM" didn't get out of her pit with any alacrity, so we put the stroll round St Mary's Hoo on hold again.
This was intended to be for the best. As I sat scoffing brekkie I looked out of the window and watched the sky going from bright sunshine to black clouds and back again on what seemed to be a five minute cycle.

"Furry Face TM" was getting restless though. With er indoors TM" still in her pit I took my dog for a walk. Yesterday I mentioned how well behaved he was on his walk. Today was a different story. Whistle training was an abject failure as we upset a spaniel in the co-op field, ran amok with other dogs on the football fields, had to be captured by Orangehead by the river, shagged another Jack Russell in the park, had a full-blown fight with a labrador along the cycle path and rolled in fox poo in the Bowens Field Wetlands. I was glad to get home; if only to wash the fox dung off of my dog.
He seemed oblivious to any misdemeanors he might have committed, and having been thoroughly scrubbed he sat on the back of the sofa and barked at the world as it went by.

er indoors TM" did bowling paperwork. To waste time I played Candy Crush Saga until she was done then we went shopping. We both were rather sulking as the forecast rain hadn't come.
Firstly we went to Wilkos for all sorts of stuff including the makings of some beer for Christmas. I'm hoping this stuff turns out good - it works out at just under twenty two pence a pint, about eight per cent of the price I pay for beer in the pubs.
We then went on to Bybrook Barn. Christmas had arrived there. I was hoping to get some garden membrane to make good around our new fence, but they didn't seem to have any. Their shingle looked rather expensive too. I shall see how much that stuff is in the builders merchants in the week.
And just before coming home we went to the family bargains shop who had arguably the worst christmas decoration I have ever seen. But they had cake, so the trip wasn't entirely wasted. As we came out of there so the rain started. Rather heavy rain. Perhaps we had been right to cancel our walk?

We came home and scoffed the cake and listened to the rain which was really loud against the window. "Furry Face TM" set about his new toy. Being a destructive sort of dog he gets through toys at an impressive rate. We'd bought him a flavoured nylon tuggy toy. But rather than tugging it about he just wanted to chew it. Whilst he chewed it I bandied insults across Facebook.
With er indoors TM" off bowling, and "Furry Face TM" asleep on my chest I settled down for a Jeeves and Wooster-a-thon. As I watched the exploits of Bertie I thought that Totleigh Towers looked familiar. And tthen as I watcheed Downton Abbey I realised why. It's odd that we never see Sir Watkyn Basset in Downtoon Abbey - after all they live there too,,,

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