4 October 2013 (Friday) - Wedding Anniversary

It's no secret that I don't often sleep well. Last night was particularly bad. I got up and was watching DVDs at silly o'clock. I felt rather grim this morning as well. I wonder if it's all in the mind or whether it really is the after-effects of yesterday's flu jab that I never actually wanted.
If I had been due in at work today I would probably have phoned in sick. I spent much of the day feeling rather light headed and generally "bleagh". In the past I have always declined flu jabs on the grounds that people who have them are ill having had the injection. I have confirmed my prejudice against the things.

The morning's haul of emails brought something which boiled my piss somewhat. The Federation of Astronomical Societies (of which our club is a member) have formally recommended that we (and all astro clubs) should have a formal child protection policy. They sent through a template document which was eighteen pages long. Eighteen ! - I counted them.
On the one hand I suppose they are right. On the other hand it speaks volumes about the sad state of our society that they are right. But why do we actually need such a policy? To protect children at the club? Hardly. All children that come along (and there are quite a few) come along under the care and supervision of their parents. We need the policy as a legal box-ticking excercise to protect the committee members against unscrupulous opportunistic types who may see a chance to make easy money by making baseless allegations against the innocent for financial gain.
So I have written a draft child protection policy: "All parents must watch their children like a good parent would.". I think that covers all eventualities.

er indoors TM" was still snoring as "Furry Face TM" was getting more and more restless, so as she slept I put the lead onto him and (despite the rain) we went for a walk to the sports centre. I bet none of my loyal readers could guess what had sprung up in that general vicinity overnight. We soon found the new cache. Whilst there we met another cacher and had a good chat about the special log inside that cache.
With the rain easing off we came home again hoping that er indoors TM" would now be up and about. She wasn't so I chivied her from her pit with a cup of tea and a wet dog.

We got ready and drove down to Ham Street where we walked a rather scenic circular walk of five miles (and nineteen geocaches). The Ham Street Hamble is a walk I have been intending to do for some time; mainly because I had been hassling the C.O. to put that series out for months. It was a really good walk. Along the canal, through the woods. We walked for three hours and then (having redeployed my letterbox hybrid) came home again.

We changed, then went to the Smarden Bell for dinner. The Smarden Bell is somewhere I haven't been for ages. It was once the best pub for miles around. The last time I went there was about five years ago and it had gone downhill. This evening we were very impressed with the place. Good food without waiting for too long. It wasn't cheap, but as a treat I would certainly go back again.
It was only a shame I was feeling rough...

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