27 October 2013 (Sunday) - Hoo

That washing machine needs a good service. I put it on for a quick wash last night and put a film on whilst I waited for it to stop. It scrubbed all through "Wayne's World", "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and most of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" before it gave up on my shirts.

With the clocks going back woke earlier than usual, and following a 4am shave I went back to bed. But any chance of an extra hour in bed was wiped out by a small dog with no understanding of Daylight Saving. I watched more "Earth 2" over brekkie, remembering this morning's arch baddie (wearing rags) in last night's film (in racy underwear).
"My Boy TM" phoned shortly after 8am. He was up and about and wonderred if I fancied going for a fry-up. I did, but time was short so reluctantly passed the opportunity this time.

And then on with the business of the day. Having foolishly listened to weather forecasts for the last two Sundays (and wasted the days) we decided that we were going out today. Three of us and two small dogs set off to Hoo on the Isle of Grain. Plumbus's Hoo Massive was billed as a series of twenty eight geocaches over five miles, and we felt that would do the trick for today. It did, but...

Over the last year I've done many geocaches series, and invariably they are listed as being shorter than they actually are. Today was no different. All the information said this was a walk of five point two miles. Two sat-navs independently measured the distance at six and a half miles.
And the various cache descriptions were odd. Each cache bore a title number, one to twenty four (!) but the decriptions following the title had a different number, one or two higher. For example the verbals for cache #21 all referred to cache #23.
Most of the caches needed new logs. many were completely full.
And the last four caches were missing. That's not "we couldn't find them"; the verbals all referred to a series of twenty eight caches, but there were only twenty four for which listings could be found.
But that all sounds rather negative, doesn't it? I don't mean to be so down on the series; it was a very good walk in somewhere that I would probably never go if not for this silly obsesion with hunting plastic boxes.

Our walk finished rather earlier than we expected, so we did a couple of other nearby geocaches. At one I turned on my Munzee app and (completely at random) found we were leess than ten yards from the only Munzee on the Isle of Grain. We also found that we were within striking distance of a cache which was in a disused milatery bunker, so we scrambled into that and spent a very entertaining ten minutes tunnel-ratting. We picked up a couple more caches as we drove home; finishing the day in church (literally) with my cache count at two thousand four hundred and ninety nine. I really should find a special cache for my upcoming milestone.

Home; and after a rather good bit of tea er indoors TM" set off bowling. I watched a couple of episodes of "Jeeves and Wooster". Bertie was using treacle to steal a painting. Apparently that is what art theives did eighty years ago.
Meanwhile in Downton Abbey there was consternation as Lady Edith found out that she's gotten herself "in the club". Not to be outdone, cousin Rose can caught in flagrante in the kitchen with the jazz singer. And there was disturbbing news from Uncle Harold.
I'm looking forward to the next installment...

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