15 October 2013 (Tuesday) - Busy...

I was woken by my alarn this morning. An unusual change - I quite liked it. I checked out the world via social media whilst scoffing brekkie. Little of note had happened in the global scale of things. Some friends had played games on line, some had been on holiday, some had argued with others. Nothing really newsworthy, but I like social media if only to see that other people are still doing things. After all, at heart I'm a nosey person.
Today's news was interesting. The BBC are bringing back the Clangers. Set on the Moon, the Clangers was a kiddies show from forty years ago which featured the antics of moon-mousey things, a dragon and a chicken. Will the re-make work? Somehow I doubt it, but here's hoping. After all, as I have said before it's fairly obvious that as a genre television has now done absolutely everything it possibly can and remakes is the only option left open to it.

I took the car to the garage for its belts to be sorted. I have no idea what goes on under the car's bonnet. Mind you with modern cars there's not really much that one can do at home with them any more. It's all computer diagnostics these days. I took "Furry Face TM" with me, and leaving the car at the garage we walked home through the park. It was rather cold as we walked.

Home, where I settled down for half an hour's domestic drudgery. Washing up, hoovering, laundry. I then spent an hour preparing another Earthcache; this on on the tides at Dungeness. It has been said that there are far too many "easy" geocaches round and about. And there are not enough that involve a little bit of effort. That may be true, but from my experience of having both sorts of cache for every time a tricky cache gets found an easy one gets found a dozen times. But nonetheless I've cobbled another Earthcache together.

The garage phoned. As a courtesy they had done a free twenty five point check on my car and had found all sorts of problems. Interestingly when I paid good money to have the brakes seen to last month, the other garage had only done the rear brakes even though the front ones probably needed doing at the same time. So I agreed to have the brakes done. They are rather important, after all. Similarly the problem with the steering got fixed too, as did a few broken light bulbs.

I put washing on to the line, then over a spot of lunch did this week's dinosaur course work. Today we covered all about what constitutes a species. I got full marks in the test. And then the phone rang. My car was ready for collection. For all that the timing belt was done on a special offer, by the time I'd paid out for all the other problems they'd found, I was seriously out of pocket.
One of their recommendations was to replace the front tyres. They could do that for eighty quid per tyre. In the past All Sparks Tyres have seen me right for twenty quid per tyre so I went round to see them. They have closed down. That was useful.
After a little mucking about I found out about Ashford Tyre Centre, who didn't have any tyres of the right size. After some more phoning about I found somewhere who could do me right tomorrow morning. That will have to do.

I then spent far longer than I really intended playing "fetch" with "Furry Face TM" and a tennis ball. I don't think my dog has quite grasped the concept of "fetch"'; and there is a seriously high attrition rate of tennis balls. To my mind in a game of fetch" I should throw the ball and the dog should fetch it. In "Furry Face TM"'s opinion in a game of fetch" the human should watch whilst the dog sits on his lap and eats the tennis ball. He actually told me off every time I managed to get the ball and throw it. I would say "throw it for him" but I got the distinct impression that he regarded chasing the ball to be something of a nuisance.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered. Tonight at the Admiralty where after insults were bandied we watched Doctor Who. Sylvester (the real) McCoy was never my favourite Doctor; and it was rather obvious that at the time the BBC were trying to kill off the show. But watching "Silver Nemesis" with friends was a really good way to spend an evening. Must watch more Doctor Who soon...

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