15 March 2020 (Sunday) - Stuppington

As I scoffed my toast this morning I saw that I’d been defriended by someone on Facebook. Some people on my Facebook list are family, some are friends, some are colleagues. Some are people I’ve not actually met for years but with whom I want to keep in touch. Some are vague acquaintances. There are a precious few I keep on the list because I love following the drama of their lives. It was one of these that has de-friended me. Living in a half-million-pound house with a daughter at a private school costing six thousand pounds a term, this person regularly goes for two-month-long international holidays and still has the cheek to be constantly pleading poverty on social media and seemingly wanting hand-outs.
I shall miss her…
I saw that I had been promoted in the Munzee world. I am now “QRew” which is a serious elevation for those who go round sticking bar-codes on to lamp posts. For everyone else I suppose it is a matter of the utmost indifference, but I am pleased with it. Everyone else is just jealous!

We got ourselves and the dogs together and drove out to Canterbury where we met Karl Tracey and Charlotte. With extending leads on some and boots on others we went for a little wander; this time guided by the “Stuppington Stroll” series of geocaches.
We had a very good walk. The route wasn’t that muddy really (when you consider how much rain we’ve had lately) and followed well-marked paths with only a little lane-walking, no cattle, and some wonderful views of the cathedral.
At one point we followed some overhead power lines which randomly came to an end in the middle of a field. What was that all about? We spent a little while peering into a building site that we passed. There were several odd green things in there. What were they? Just as we came away from the building site we found a little shelter from the wind and stopped for a bite to eat. Some random passing looney decided to come and watch what we were doing. This chap made a point of walking past us a few times, all the time staring at us intently, and seemed not to realise he was stomping along a rather muddy path wearing carpet slippers.
He eventually cleared off, and we then met a bloke wielding a metal detector. Is it just the ones I meet, or do all metal detectorists go around dressed as though they think they are in the SAS?
Just as we came toward the end of the walk so Treacle found a tennis ball. Having carried her customary huge stick for miles she dropped it for the tennis ball. A ball has the advantage over a stick that the other dogs will want it; it is good for a quarrel.

Geocache-wise this was a very good walk. Thirty caches spaced out over five miles of well-marked lanes and paths. Mostly straightforward hides, there were one or two more challenging ones in there, but all with good hints to help us. We were pleased to have found the lot.

I took a few photos as we walked. Usually we’d go for half a pint of weak shandy after a walk, but lunch time on Sunday isn’t the time to turn up hoping for a pint. All the pubs would have been heaving with the Sunday dinner crowds, so we came home.

We had a cuppa, and I went upstairs and played Lego. Since I revamped the train track a while ago I’ve needed to re-organise my Lego town. I tend to do it a little at a time. Today I re-built Darth Vader’s riding school. I relocated it to the other end of town, gave it a fence and put some overgrown grass round the fence. That took an hour.
I then had a bit of a surprise… My Lego spares are a bit of a jumble. I thought that I had put all my maxifigure bits and bobs into one box. There were several sets of arms with featureless heads. I found an envelope with heads (with faces) which were missing most of the arms. I put the two together and cobbled together six more maixigures. Much as I like the Lego minifigures (and my Lego town is built to the minifigure scale), I do like the maxifigures. They are what I had when I was a lad.

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner which we scoffed whilst watching Celebrity Bake-Off. I say “celebrity”; out of the four people on the show, I’d heard of one. Does having been on “Love Island” really make anyone a celebrity?

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