13 March 2020 (Friday) - Rostered Day Off

A good night’s sleep. When the dogs sleep well, everyone sleeps well.
Over brekkie I had my usual look at the Internet; the fear of corona virus is still sweeping the nation. With many other nations effectively in shut-down, how much longer will it be before the UK follows suit and stays permanently at home? It’s relatively irrelevant to me as I shall be labelled as a “key worker”; when most of my colleagues will be at home looking after children it will fall to me to keep the service going. I don’t dislike my job, but yet again I find myself questioning my career choice. Again I would say to anyone looking to find a job – never work anywhere that doesn’t put up a “closed” sign.
I wasted quite a bit of time looking at rubbish on the Internet, only stopping when Pogo was sick on the carpet.

I then phoned the car windscreen people. They were supposed to be letting me know when the nice man was coming to fix my car. Bearing in mind that they might be along any time from eight o’clock onwards I thought it odd that they’d not been in touch by half past eight. I phoned the number I’d been given and spoke to a rather officious chap who said they only turn up at the depot at eight o’clock, and I should expect a call by half past ten.
If I’d been told that I would have taken the dogs out earlier rather than having sat around wasting time.

Working on the principle that the bloke wouldn’t be arriving any time soon I took the dogs for a walk. We did our usual circuit of Bowen’s Field and the park; we didn’t have any arguments or fights, and all the dogs played nicely with all the other dogs. If only every other day could be like that.
Once home I ran round with the Hoover, and ironed for a while. As I ironed I watched a film on Netflix. “The Young Victoria” was a period drama and I quite liked it… once it got going. Why do all films start off with “Aardvark Films Present… in association with Channel 28 ¾ … a Spizz Titsey production… by Gutsache Studios…” and so on. Does anyone care about this drivel?
At quarter to eleven I again phoned the car windscreen people. They told me the bloke would be out today and seemed rather surprised that I felt that “today” was on the vague side. At quarter past eleven the man doing the fixing phoned. He explained that he’d started in Hastings, was currently in the Medway towns, he had a job in Sittingbourne and would be with me last as he lives in Ashford.
Finally I had a vague idea of when he was due.

Seeing I had a couple of hours’ grace I popped into town. I’ve been after a Kindle to take on holiday. Much as I like the Kindle app on my phone, it eats the battery. I remember my old Kindle’s battery lasted for ever. I got a really old Kindle from the CEX shop, and a generic cover for it from one of the the phones accessories shop. I had to hunt about for the cover; several of the people in the phone accessories shops laughed at how old the Kindle was; who would have a cover for something that was six years old?

I got a sandwich from the corner shop (five hundred calories!) on the way home, and I scoffed it whilst setting up the Kindle. With dogs around and on me I read my new Kindle for a bit, but fell asleep until I was woken by the arrival of the car window man who finally rocked up at three o’clock. He’d had quite a day, and he said he used to live in the house just over the road from us.
After forty minutes he was done. The new car rear window looks the business. Mind you anything looks better than having a cheap shower curtain taped over the back. The nice man said that the rear windscreen wiper might not have survived the process, and that I should leave the whole thing for the glue to set. On the plus side he’d been in and out of the car with an industrial vacuum cleaner so hopefully he’s shifted all the glass fragments.

I then watched the first episode of “Noughts and Crosses”; a program set in a Britain which was invaded and conquered by an African empire some time in the middle ages. It shows promise…
As I watched telly so the dishwasher had a go at last night’s dishes. I’d forgotten to set it going earlier. Having run out of dishwasher tablets I thought I’ give it a hefty squirt of washing up liquid. Perhaps too hefty a squirt? I then ran the dishwasher until all the froth had been shifted.

"er indoors TM" came home with fish and chips, and we scoffed whilst catching up on episodes of “Star Trek: Picard”. I want to like it…

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