8 November 2014 (Saturday) - Hic (!)

I decided to go back to the usual CPAP attachment last night and consequently had a reasonable night's sleep. Even something of a lie-in; not getting up till after 8am. I abluted, sloshed sinuses, felt nauseuous and sat quietly for a bit.
Over brekkie I saw a whole load of geocaches had gone live about ten miles away. That would be the series for next weeks geo-meet. It's odd how the rules say that you can't produce series of caches for meet-ups, but despite that technicality some people are actually allowed to do so and others aren't. (Regular readers of this drivel may remember that it's an established point of geo-law that I am not...)

A couple of these newly published caches were puzzles; I settled down for an hour or so trying to solve the puzzles. And failed miserably. Key to one puzzle was making a series of eastings (such as E000 12 . 235) I had E000 151 .18119; which was several digits too long. Key to another puzzle was making the subtraction "RADIO - MOBILE PHONES" become 19. I couldn't do it. I struggled for a bit whilst listening to the gurgling of my dog's stomach before emailing the chap who'd set the puzzle begging for a clue. He's now sent me a clue... I shall email him for another.

"er indoors TM" eventually got up. As usual by the time she'd got up I'd been up for about three hours and so I was crawling the walls with boredom.
Eventually we went out. Up to town for a little shopping. We did a circuit of the town centre, before popping round to McDonalds for a spot of lunch. Personally I like McLunch. We then had a quick look in Matalans, and then home where I took myself off to bed for an hour.
This sick leave isn't the skive I was hoping for.

We then went out for dinner this evening. There's no denying I wasn't feeling quite one hundred per cent, but I am glad we went out.
As I went I had "a little episode". ..
About two years ago I hid a geocache on a lamp post just down the road from where I live. Someone (I have no idea who) keeps pushing the cache higher and higher. As cache owner I want the thing about six feet off the ground. I have been getting thoroughly pissed off with finding it ten or more feet up where someone keeps putting it. Tonight I saw red; scrambled up on a wall to reach up to get the thing, eventually pulled it down, threw it into the distance, then went on-line and archived it. In my archiving log I wrote "I am sick and tired of putting this back where I want it only to find it eight feet off the ground again". Tonight the thing must have been twelve feet up.
I might replace it; I might not. We shall see.

And so round to Kim and Andy. We had a really good time. The wine and beer flowed; and as well as pouring the stuff down my neck I actually learned quite a bit about the wine. The dinner and company was excellent; really should do this more often.
It was only a shame the rain was bad; let's hope that improves by tomorrow; we have plans...

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