1 November 2014 (Saturday) - Family Day

By the time I'd stuffed up the astro club's accounts and solved a geo-puzzle last night I didn't get to bed till nearly 2am. After an hour's laying awake I was watching "Toddlers and Tiaras" on the TLC channel before 6am. I *hate* these poxy steroids.
"Furry Face TM" seemed rather excitable this morning, he chased sparrows out of the garden at tiddle time, and was running up and down the stairs as though nothing was wrong with him. After jumping on and off of sofas, I caught him upstairs building up for an epic leap on to the bed. So I took him for a walk. Compared to what we've done before it wasn't a long one. Just through Bowens Field to the fountain in Viccy Park and home through the co-op field. A short stroll, we were home before 8am. But I felt he needed a walk. He's clearly missed them - the soles of his little feet have all gone fluffy where he's not walking the fur away at the moment.
Once home he took himself straight to bed and was soon soundly snoring whilst "er indoors TM" lambasted me for over-exerting the poor pup.

I had a go at the household accounts. They have been worse; they could be better. Things would be a whole lot better if I didn't keep having unexpected emergencies and going out on the razzle. But what's money for if not to squander foolishly.
And then over second brekkie (hot cross buns and coffee) we watched last week's episode of "Doctor Who". I do like Peter Capaldi as The Doctor; but does the show really need "token fit bird #34" to keep going home in every episode?

Whilst "er indoors TM" pootled about I popped into town. Astro club money to pay into the bank, and some shopping of my own. I wanted a bigger rucksack for hiking, and I got one from a street trader. I wanted a cheapo coat for slobbing about in, and I got one from the OxFam shop. I wanted some new slippers... and was unlucky. What's happened to all the shoe shops in town. When the fruits of my loin were smaller there were eleven shoe shops in Ashford. I can remember we walked round the town and counted them once. Now there is one. Just one. Perhaps people buy from supermarkets or on-line, or make shoes last longer. I don't know, but I could only find one shoe shop.
I found a couple of cheeky Munzees, and came home through the rain.

Once home we collected "My Boy TM" and Lacey and drove round to the Riverside Diner for a spot of lunch. A rather good chili-cheese burger went down well; four meals and pop came to just over twenty quid. I was impressed with that. Whilst in the area we looked at the Christmas display in Bybrook barn Garden Centre, and then drove down to Folkestone to see "Daddies Little Angel TM" and the baby. He's putting on weight.
I suppose that after such an awful night's sleep it's only expected that I would doze off during the afternoon. I wasn't sparko for long; but long enough.

Home again; and with "er indoors TM" off out on some beano or other I got the Christmas beer out of the bucket and into the barrel. Whilst it's very early days it doesn't taste *too* bad. Here's hoping. And then i settled in front of the telly with my dog and watched "Doctor Who" as it was actually broadcast (for the first time in a month). Having seen cybermen all over the BBC's program breaks for the last week I thought I knew what was going to happen. But what a surprise...

As a Saturday treat I'd bought myself a packet of vindaloo cashew nuts which I scoffed whilst watching telly. If any of my loyal readers ever want to throw away good money, buying vindaloo cashew nuts is a good way of doing so.

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