15 November 2014 (Saturday) - Geo-Meet

I woke this morning two minutes before the alarm was due to go off. I got up, washed, shaved, sloshed out my sinuses (yuk!) and checked the weather forecast. It was raining outside, but the forecast for Sittingbourne would have had us beleive that the rain there was stopping. So we rallied the troops and set off to Borden where we met up with some other hunters of tupperware. There was a geo-meet planned for mid day, so I had this idea to constructively spend the morning on a geo-stroll before meeting up with everyone else. Eight of us set off through the rain; confident that the rain would clear up. After all the BBC weather forecast said that it would.
As unlikely as it may sound, the BBC lied.

Despite the rain we had a good wander; earlier in the week I'd solved two geo-puzzles. We found both of those caches this morning, and a dozen others as well. I called "Smug Mode" on what turned out to be a false alarm. We stomped along country lanes and across fields. We did get rather wet.
And once sodden we made ouy way to the Maypole in Borden where we met up with all the other geocachers who weren't daft enough to get soaking wet. I was amazed at the turn-out; I was expecting maybe twenty or so people. I was seriously expecting the arriival of our little walking contingent to double the amount of people in the pub. I was wrong; there was well over fifty people there.
As I dried out I chatted about the merits and hazards of hunting tupperware for recreational purposes with all sorts of people. There is nothing quite like talking about your hobby with like-minded people; I do like these monthly meet-ups. Especially when (like today) they are held in a traditional pub with a decent ale selection. With a choice of four ales I ended up having six pints of the stuff. Hic (!) We had lunch there; it was rather good. This is a pub I can certainly recommend. There are some other geocache series that start and end at this pub; we might just have to go back there for those; even if an errant normal person in the place did mistake me for a rambler. (I soon put him right !)

Home, whhere I struggled for anything to put on the telly for the evening. In the end I went with the E4 channel and re-runs of "Big Bang Theory". With a small dog by my side I slept through several epsodes...

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