11 November 2014 (Tuesday) - Zoom! Zoom!

I had a surprisingly good night's sleep, and woke with a rather painful nose. Perhaps the internal bruising is now coming out? The bruising is coming out on my left hand. I've no idea what that is all about; there is a theory that is is from the drip that was put in, but that drip was taken out a week ago, and was somewhere else on my hand.

I took "Furry Face TM" for a little walk. We only went down the road as far as the dentist and back via Bond Road, but it was enough to then have him curl up and sleep until 2pm. He had seemed to be getting better, but he's been really subdued over this last day or so. I hope he's not sickening for something. Mind you with me being under the weather it's probably as well not to have him climbing the walls.

I spent the morning ironing shirts whilst watching a film I'd recorded. "The Station Agent" was a very gentle story about a lonely dwarf who inherited a shack in the arse-end of nowhere and made friends with two other losers. Re-reading that description hardly makes anyone want to watch the film, but it's actually quite a fair summary of the film. I rather liked it.
With shirts ironed I then put the finishing touches to my Wheri-project and sent it for publication. And I then looked at a puzzle which has had me foxed for a while, stepped my brain up a gear or two, did something which was frankly obvious, and had a solution in less than five minutes. I've now solved all the puzzles for this Saturday's geo-walk.

As my dog snored I made myself some toast for a spot of lunch. He came out of his bed, looked at a crust, then took himself off to bed again. As I scoffed my lunch I watched more of the lectures of this week's installment of my Coursera course. Today we talked about the formation of the early solar system. And we took great pains to say "formation" and not "creation".
Having completed this week's lectures I did the test, and got ninety seven per cent. I was rather pleased about that.

The Rear Admiral came to call, and he made off with over a hundred quid's worth of astro-dosh. And then after a rather good bit of tea we all went round to the Chrisery. Insults were bandied (as is usual) and then we watched the first episode of the new series "The Flash". It rather falls at the first hurdle by trying to use real science to explain the impossible when its idea of real science is rudely wrought claptrap. But if you can get past the mental image of Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) in a red leotard shouting "Zoom! Zoom!" the show might have promise...

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