18 November 2014 (Tuesday) - Stuff

I had another night when I slept for over seven hours; I would have slept longer had I not woken with my CPAP air hose in a tangle. I got up and had a little look on the Internet. Nothing really noteworthy; lots of arguments about pretty much every subject under the sun. Some were squabbles I'd (inadvertently) started, some were squabbles of friends, some were deliberate attempts to provoke fights. Disagreeing seems to be human nature. It's a shame people can't disagree without getting nasty about it.
Interestingly as I scoffed brekkie I saw that I had a few messages from people who joined that Facebook Wherigo site last week telling me that the chap who was squabbling at me (about litigation in geocaching) is a well known argumentative troublemaker. There really are people who troll the internet on any subject just to provoke fights. Why do they do this?

I noticed my dog was slow in getting up. Time was he was like a coiled spring, since his recent slipped disc he seems to take his time getting up. Perhpas its back-related, perhaps he's just getting on a bit.
Once he was up we went for a little walk round to a very wet Viccie Park where we did some geo-maintenance on one of "er indoors TM"'s geocaches (it wasn't there!) and went on to the vet's. We pop in there from time to time; the idea is to get "Furry Face TM" used to going in there. I have this theory that if we go in there regularly he won't be frightened of the place. When we just visit he is fine. Today we needed to see the nurse to get his anti-flea treatment. Because of this he needed to be weighed. He was terrified. How does he know when something is going to happen?
We weighed him; he's lost a tenth of a kilogram. Result (!) Mind you, he needs to loose more; he looks like a little barrel at the moment.

We came home, and I looked at my latest wheri-project. And decided I'm not going to bother with it just yet. I put a *lot* of effort into putting out three Wherigos last week and they've (so far) generated next to no interest. So I looked at this week's lectures on my Coursera course instead.
Today was all about the early Earth, and I learned something new - the Faint Young Sun paradox. Basically according to current theories of stellar evolution the Sun was never hot enough for life to have been on Earth as long as the fossil record would have us beleive. But something kept the water from freezing. Somewhere one of science's theories is wrong. And not for the first time...
I shall gloss over how poorly I did in this week's test.

I then looked at some more Sussex-based geo-puzzles, then plotted the Sevenoaks based ones I solved on Friday. From the map two of them were clearly wrong. One was an error in my calculations, one was a mistake in the published formula (which had been commented on some time ago).

I then boiled up a rather good bit of tea, then it was over to Willesborough for the weekly meet-up. Insults were bandied, colons were threatened with irrigation, and we watched episode two of "The Flash" (Zoom! Zoom!). The show has potential - I like it so far...

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