29 November 2014 (Saturday) - Shopping

I suppose that after a couple of night shifts it's not surprising that I slept like a log last night. I finally woke shortly after 9am. Over brekkie I found myself listening to next door's arguing. I couldn't work out what their problem was; he was shouting and she was shreiking. They've been squabbling rather more over these last few weeks.
I had a look at the Internet. In times past on the day after the astro club meeting the astro club's Facebook page would be alive with comments and praise for the previous evening's meeting. This morning's posts featured only one post which was asking what people think about the new format; a post to which I was the only person to reply wiith less than gushing praise.
No matter what the subject, I seem to be always in a minority of one; I'm getting just a little fed up with it. Still, if nothing else I can (usually) disagree with people without falling out with them.

I took "Furry Face TM" round to the park for a little walk. As we walked through Bowens Field we saw that someone had defaced the sign. A graffiti elephant had appeared on the sign. An odd defacement.
We came home, settled the dog down and went shopping. Staples had a rather good bargain; tablet PCs reduced from one hundred quid to thirty quid. I've been looking to take one of these geocaching so we got one each. From there we went round to Bybrook Barn Garden Centre for a spot of lunch. Very tasty.

We popped down to Folkestone, collected "Daddies Little Angel TM" and the baby and went round to the new shop "The Range" where we picked up all sorts of bargains including a new basket for "Furry Face TM". I then slept for a couple of hours at chez Fernandez whilst everyone else fussed over the baby. We then took "Daddies Little Angel TM" home, delivered candles, and came home ourselves. I sparked up my new tablet and... the thing was slow. Very slow. Almost too slow to be useable. And it is incompatible with the geocaching app I wanted to use on it. It refuses to even install the app. It can't do the one thing I bought it for.
I've done a factory reset, put the whole lot back in the box, and will take it back to the shop on Monday.

Rather disappointing really... mind you my little dog seems to like his new basket.

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