25 November 2014 (Tuesday) - Babysitting

Another good night’s sleep. Over brekkie I saw not much of note had happened on-line overnight, which was probably for the  best. So I put the lead on my dog and we went for a walk. Yesterday’s walk was a pleasure. Today’s not so. As I crossed Beaver Lane so. The driver of a Harveys (the furniture store) lorry pointed at me and started shouting at me. I couldn’t work out what he was ranting about, but he was certainly aggressive. When he finally paused for breath I pointed out the fallacy of ranting at the public from his employer’s van with his employer’s name, phone number and website plastered all over it. The chap suddenly changed his tack, and claimed he didn’t want to see me being run over by a bus which was some distance up the road.
I wonder what had boiled his piss today.
We carried on round Singleton Lake and came home through the park. As we went I lost count of how many dogs with which Fudge tried to pick fights. He wandered off into shrubberies and hedges and refused to come back. It was just like the bad old days when he was first allowed off of his lead. The whistle training failed utterly. And then just to add insult to injury he found some fox poo in which to roll.

Once home I spent the morning planning yet another geo-stroll. There is a (vaguely) astronomical virtual multi-geocache near Otford, so I tried to get my head around what was required. Once I figured out what the description was actually saying it all seemed straight forward. I then looked at a few puzzles which were in the area and I solved some of them.
I then had a spot of lunch. As I scoffed I watched “Detectorists”. Starring Mackenzie Crook I don’t know how I missed seeing this show when it was first show; it’s really good.

I then had a message. Having spent the morning preparing an assault on a virtual multi-geocache, a travelling virtual geocache had set up shop not five miles down the road. Virtual geocaches are like rocking horse poo; incredibly rare, and today I’m messing with two of them. So I hopped into the car and drove down to Sellindge to seek out “Ye Olde Survey Monument”. It wasn’t in the most accessible of places, but a virtual find is never to be sniffed at.

I came home, had a cuppa, then had flashbacks as I went to Victoria Road school to do the school run. For various reasons everyone was busy today and since I was at a loose end I’d offered to collect Lacey and keep her amused. I took “Furry Face TM “ and with Lacey collected we went to the play park for a bit, then came home and alternately made glitter cards and fought with the dog until Mummy collected her.

I thought about doing more Coursera, but instead played silly Facebook games until ‘er indoors TM  came home. Tea was scoffed, then we gathered the troops and set off to Folkestone. Insults were bandied, photos watched vias Sky apps, and then we watched “The Flash” dealing with the latest super-villain; “The Human Fart”.
As super-villains go, “The Human Fart” isn’t entirely rubbish. He has the power to turn himself into an obnoxious fart at will. A nice trick if you can do it…

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