12 November 2014 (Wednesday) - Reindeer, Brekkie...

I slept like a log last night, finally waking shortly before 7.30am having had a rather vivid dream. I was assisting my mother-in-law who was providing legal advice to Jack Duckworth (out of “Coronation Street”) following an allegation that he had been “talking out of his arse in a matter calculated to fool the f*ckw*tts”. I don’t know why I should be assisting with legal counsel; whilst I can (and do) “talk out of my arse” with the best of them, it’s not a subject on which I’ve ever thought of offering sage advice.
Perhaps I should?

Over brekkie I saw my latest Wheri-project had got live. After brekkie I took “Furry Face TM “ for a little walk, and we met a geocacher doing my latest Wheri-project. Paul (of PPRDGO) is very much like me in that he is someone who chases the First to Find. He’s a very friendly chap, and we geo-chatted for a few minutes before bringing my dog home for his brekkie. I’ve found that he’s more inclined to eat his food if it’s given to him after a walk (rather than before). But he is a fussy thing.

I played the latest silly game (Soda Crush) on the PC for a few minutes, then an email came in; Paul had found the Wherigo cache. I was pleased about that. For all that I try to test the things fully, there is no substitute to having someone try the thing out for real.
Flushed with success I then started on another Wheri-project. This one is (loosely) based on Star Wars. It will keep me out of mischief for an hour or so over the next few days.

I collected “My Boy TMand we drove to the Blue & White cafĂ© near Sellindge for a spot of second brekkie. I’d heard good reports about the place; the food was good but I felt it was rather expensive compared to other similar places. I also thought the place was rather clinical – the bare walls needed livening up. And I was a little uncomfortable about the amount of police that were in there. I realise coppers need a break just like everyone else, but I wasn’t happy seeing seven uniformed police chowing down. When did you last see seven coppers at the same time anywhere?
We then drove on to see the littlun and “Daddy’s Little Angel TM; going via Tesco’s where we picked up some doughnuts. Smoky bacon and Turkey & stuffing flavour. Arriving at the same time as my mummy and daddy, everyone sat around chatting and clucking over the baby (whom we dressed as a reindeer) whilst I slept for three hours. I wish I wouldn’t do that.

We came home via Victoria Road school to collect Lacey and via Matalan to get myself some new jim-jams. And being at a loose end I did something I hope I don’t regret. Yesterday a new Facebook group started up aimed at people who want help with geo-puzzles. In a day it attracted over three hundred people. I’ve often thought about setting up something along those lines aiming at the much under-rated Wherigo cache type. So I did; you can join the group by clicking here. Mind you, it’s rather specialised. In four thousand and fifty two geo finds (not that I’m counting) I have only found four of the things. I’m quite pleased with the progress of the group so far; in a couple of hours it’s already got over fifty members.

And with ‘er indoors TM  off candle-mongering I fell asleep in front of the telly. Again…

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