7 November 2014 (Friday) - Still Bleagh

When being told that after the operation I would have two weeks's sick leave there was no denying I was expecting something of a skive. I had plans for extended dog walks, and some serious telly-watching sessions. Instead I'm now wondering if I wouldn't have been better off with just putting up with having nasal polyps.
I suppose I slept reasonably well last night. But I spent an hour this morning putting off the dreaded sinal douching. On the one hand it must be doing some good judging by the post-surgical scabbing it seems to be washing out. On the other hand it is a truly horrible sensation and having done the sloshing I then feel rather grim for the best part of an hour.
I was planning on putting off this morning's douche until after I'd walked "Furry Face TM" but the torrential rain was showing no signs of abating, and "Furry Face TM" could clearly hear the rain and was showing no signs of stirring. So I bit the bullet, sloshed out the inside of my head, had brekkie, and worked on my latest Wheri-project for a bit until the nausea passed.

The weather dried up a little and so I walked "Furry Face TM" round the block. A new geocache had gone live in Great Chart, but today that was far too far away to walk, and I didn't feel confident driving. Someone else could have that First to Find. We walked for ten minutes and then came home again.

Over lunch I watched a film. "Romper Stomper" is supposedly something of a classic film; I thought it was just two hours of needless violence. Whilst watching, my dog had a minor grumble; he'd noticed something in the front garden. Geocachers!! We sprung up and caught the Looneydrews just about to find the cache in our garden. We chatted for a bit; they were gald to have found me. They had a trackable they wanted to pass on to me; a dog-related one. It had daschunds on it. Not entirely unlike "Furry Face TM".
I enjoyed chatting with them; I do hope they didn't think me rude but I was seriously wilting, so I made my excuses, and went back to slobbing in front of the telly; waking an hour or so later.

I played with my latest Wheri-project for much of the remainder of the afternoon. It's now all but finished; a little tour round some of the now closed pubs of South Ashford. It needs field-testing. Hopefully I can do that next week as I recover (I certainly intend to recover!).

The plumber called; it was time for the boiler's annual service. In years gone by I have skimped on boiler servicing up to the point where the thing needed immediate replacement. Now it gets an annual once-over (I should be so lucky!)
And with "er indoors TM" off flogging candles I spent the evening dozing in front of the telly... This is becoming a habit... must buck myself up.

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