5 November 2014 (Wednesday) - Post Op

Despite a full-face ventilator CPAP gadget I got off to sleep reasonably promptly last night. I was disturbed a few times by various noises, but I suppose that is to be expected in a hospital ward. I didn't realise that I would have my temperature and blood pressure checked at 1.30am though. That came as something of a surprise. After then I then dozed fitfully until giving up the attempt to sleep and having a shave at 6.30am. For all that this reads as something of a whinge, this would have been something of a lie-in on most days. However shaving with a cannula in the back of one's left hand was rather tricky.
At 7.30am someone nearby started noisily clouting something metal with a hammer. I suddenly vividly remembered being in the children's ward at the Royal East Sussex Hospital some forty-odd years ago. Mornings there were rather noisy too as I recall.

Brekkie was a disappointment. Having been promised a fry-up I was offered porridge and bread & butter. I'd been looking forward to that fry-up too. With brekkie scoffed the surgeon (and a serious entourage) called to say that once the medications were sorted I could go home. He did warn me that there would be a delay, and to expect to be home some time in the early afternoon. I was rather pleased to find all my supplies delived by 9am, and "er indoors TM" had delivered me home by 9.30am.

"My Boy TM" made a flying visit; he was off to acquire a "hooky christmas tree"; having heard reports of from where they might be obtained. Should any of my loyal readers be in need of "hooky christmas trees", it would seem the first fruit of my loin may know a supplier.
My little dog seemed pleased to see me; he did whinge at me a few times to take him out, but I wasn't feeling quite up to a route march just yet. He soon got the idea that I was having a lazy day, and he jumped and clambered onto the back of the sofa from where he watched the world going by. He's clearly recovering from his back injury.

Before leaving the hospital I'd been asked to select lunch. So at mid day I found myself sitting at home wondering who (if anyone) was eating the lasagne and ice cream I'd ordered.
I then popped to the chemist to collect various prescribed sinal douches and then got some scoff from the KFC which I devoured whilst watching something I'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box; a three part documentary about a re-creation of the voyage of Sir Ernest Shackleton from Elephant Island to South Georgia. It was quite a serious acheivement at the time, and the passage of a hundred years would seem to have done nothing to belittle it.

A colleague from work called round to take my sick note to the boss, and so I then started on two weeks' recuperation. I started this by carrying on staring at the telly, then by playing a little Candy Crush Soda Saga, which is a mind-numbing game. I then had a go at douching my sinus. If any of my loyal readers should wonder, take it from me - I wouldn't normally douche a sinus. I am jsut hoping that (with practice) the douching effect will become more noticeable than the feeling of drowning as my nose fills with salt water.
As as I came up for air "er indoors TM" went off flogging candles, so I watched more telly whilst next door practiced their violin. Had I nor just had nasal surgery I would have given them a blast on my saxophone; that usually shuts up their violining...

I think I might just go stir-crazy over the next fortnight...

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