4 November 2014 (Tuesday) - Nose Job

I woke shortly before 3am, and lay awake tossing and turning fretfully. I got up shortly after 5am and "Furry Face TM" sat with me hoping for toast crusts that today weren't coming.
No food or drink for me this morning.

"er indoors TM" drove me through a dank morning to the hospital. I was soon booked in by a male nurse. Working in a hospital is odd; the places are *huge*; and they employ (literally) thousands of people. Consequently youu find that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of people with whom you are on nodding terms. This nurse was one such chap; we've both been smiling politely at each other for over twenty years without ever actually having spoken.

Once booked in I was put into my surgical attire, and then introduced to the surgeon and the anaesthetist, then taken to a waiting area where I waited. It was only an hour or so, and people were obviously busying about. Time soon passed, and being second on the operating list I was called in shortly after 10.30am.
Everyone was so good to me, I don't *think* that anyone noticed my nerves.
For those of my more inquisitive or bloodthirty readers I've written a brief summary of why I was in hospital today. You can read it by clicking here. One of the ways in which medical professionals are different to the general public is that they (we) are nowhere near as squeamish about matters surgical matters from which others may well shy away. Having fully understood what was going to happen for some months, just as drips were being administered I suddenly came over a litttle apprehensive.

But it was too late to chicken out. There was an odd sensation of cold spreading up my arm (from the administered drip), a very vivid dream in which I had been told that the operation had been cancelled, and suddenly it was an hour and a half later and all was done.
Very soon I was up on Rotary Ward scoffing shepherd's pie. I tried to transmit to the world to say what was going on. I could not. For some reason I could use Facebook messenger, but Facebook would not work (despite a 4G signal).

After a little while I was visited by the surgeon who asked how I was, and asked if I wanted to go home. After a little to-ing and fro-ing I decided to take up the offer of an overnight stay on the ward. I was feeling a little woozy.
Anyone who knows me will realise I don't like hanging around in my pit, and having no inclination to get out of bed made me realise that I wasn't quite one hundred per cent. Apart from loo trips I stayed in that bed for the rest of the day, which is very unlike me. I must have been poorly.

I spent the afternoon reading an old favourite book of mine "Brideshead Revisited". The actual book; not an e-book. This one had pages, and showed signs of age and was visibly falling apart. I realised that this was the first "proper" book I've read for a long time. Holding the thing was awkward, turning the pages was a faff... I shall get the e-version.

The evening meal arrived. I had the choice of sandwiches, soup, rice pudding or fruit. Due to a mis-communication (which I made no effort to correct) I had the lot. And then "er indoors TM" arrived and I plead hunger and she went off to get me more to eat.

Visiting time ended, "er indoors TM" tootled off, and I settled down with my book again. For some odd reason it was at this point that my phone's internet connection started to work again.
I resisted the temptation to make more work for the hospital by not going and throttling "Jimmy". Jimmy" was awaiting a lift which had been delayed because of a local traffic accident, and was bellowing his life story to anyone who was interested. And also to everyone else within a five-mile radius. Why to some people have to shout everything they utter?
One of the reasons I was staying overnight was thatt I was trialling a new CPAP attachment, so I wrestled it into place, and put my head down shortly before 11pm...

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