13 November 2014 (Thursday) - Wheri-What

This morning’s sloshing out of my sinuses produced a little blood. Yuk! Not a lot though. To have heard the nurse talk last week you would have thought that total exsanguination was a serious possible side effect of sinus rinsing so I’m hoping that this morning’s leak was nothing serious. I must be getting used to it as it doesn’t seem to leave me nauseous any more.

I popped the lead onto “Furry Face TM “ and we went for a little walk. We saw the road barrier by Godfrey Walk was stuck in the closed position, and joined the assembled throng watching the driver of a double-decker bus trying to do a three-point turn. He eventually managed it after more than twenty points.
A little later on our walk we had a minor contretemps with an aggressive mother. Her rather stupid child took one look at my dog (from several yards away), screamed, and ran into the road. The car which swerved to avoid him didn’t quite mow down the cyclists, but it was close. Mother immediately started ranting at the world that her stupid child was scared of dogs and she was clearly looking for a fight. I suggested that her idiot offspring might be better advised to be scared of cars (rather than small dogs), and I walked off leaving mother, child, motorist and cyclists to squabble it out amongst themselves. I wasn’t getting involved.

I hurried home; my guts weren’t right. There is nothing quite as urgent as a distant lavatory. Having abruptly hoiked ‘er indoors TM off of the throne I immediately experienced a sense of blessed relief.
I then had a look on-line. Yesterday I mentioned I’d started an on-line Wherigo group. This morning I saw that the thing now had nearly ninety members. I was rather pleased about that. And talking of Wheri-thingies I spent the remainder of the morning putting the finishing touches to my Star Wars Wherigo. I took Fudge out shortly before lunch to test the thing. Final tests were successful, and I’ve now sent the Wherigo in for review and publication. My next one is based on speed-walking and is in the throes of being translated from the original Czech.

I then watched a film over lunch. “The Tree of Life”. Apparently in the 2012 Sight & Sound critics' poll, sixteen critics voted for it as one of their ten greatest films ever made. I’m voting it as one of ten worst films ever made. It was crap. I turned off after half an hour and watched “South Park” instead.

Being Thursday I had a sax lesson. I’ve not been practicing as much as usual lately, and it showed. But (as always) time with teacher is good; I always learn something new. Teacher managed to clout her finger on a sax key and trap a nerve. Her finger went really red. Whilst I made sympathetic noises, I was seriously pleased it wasn’t my finger…

I came home, watched the film “Escape from Mars” (which was quite good really) and then spent an hour or so trying to translate Czech Wheri-buttons into English. I have an ambition to have more Wherigos than sense. I have seven – I’m nearly there…

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