31 July 2013 (Wednesday) - One Year On...

Regular readers of this drivel may recall that the other day I mentioned that I'd watched the last episode of BattleStar Galactica. Before that I'd been watching Babylon 5. Following along my shelf of lame DVDs the next series to be watched is Blake's Seven. I started on that yesterday afternoon and continued this morning. I'd forgotten much about the show. It's truly wonderful, with sets wobbling as actors walk about. You can even see the strings on the spaceships. So to counteract the poor effects they had overacting and a plot. After two episodes I'm rather enjoying it; even if the baddies are wielding the same guns used by Doctor Who's cybermen of the early 1980s.

As I drove to work the news gave me a wry smile as it so often does. Today marks the start of exploratory drilling for oil in parts of picturesque West Sussex. If they find oil, which they probably will, then it is possible that large scale fracking work will be done to get the oil out. Fracking has an interesting history; having been blamed for earthquakes on the North East. Apparently any fracking to be done is Sussex will not be subject to anywhere near as much legal scrutiny and environmental control as a hypothetical wind farm in the same place would be. The allegation was made on the radio that sources close to those high in the government have vested financial interests in firms involved with fracking, but no one of any consequence has invested in wind farms. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but it speaks volumes about our society, doesn't it?

And today is something of an anniversary. It's a year to the day since I found my first geocache. Since Steve took me to Kingsnorth Church I've found two thousand two hundred and ninety of the things. It's a hobby which has kept me constructively occupied and given me a route along which I can walk my dog every weekend. I've had some good times playing this game, and met a lot of new friends.
Something which I didn't actually realise was that it has marked the limits of my travels. From the logs I've written I can see that in the last year I've been no further east than Ramsgate, which is about as far east as you can go. But my most northerly explorations of the last year haven't gone further than Chelmsford, and the most westerly and southerly I've been is Brighton. It's odd; or all that I am always out and about I don't actually go very far away from home.
I wonder how many caches I'll find in this next year...

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