30 July 2013 (Tuesday) - In The Rain

Yesterday I mentioned that the weather forecast for today wasn’t good. The best part of the day was supposed to be happening early, so to take advantage of the lack of rain I took "Furry Face TM" for his walk rather earlier than I might have done. We had a good walk, marred only by the antics of the normal people. One rather odd looking woman stopped as she saw my little dog coming along the path. She watched him intently, and when he got within a couple of yards of her she started screaming. Fudge looked at her with contempt as he trotted past, as did I.
We carried on with our walk, and all would have been well had not some silly old cow called my dog over and started fussing him. I wish people wouldn’t do that; he’s easily distracted without people encouraging him.

Home; and I settled Fudge down. With the forecast rain I didn’t want Fudge along today as he’d just get wet and cold. Lisa arrived and we set off to Ham Street for Steve. With everyone together we set off to the Medway towns for a spot of “Extreme Geocaching”.

We arrived at our destination just as the rain was starting. It was raining – we put on coats. Our first cache was… how can I say it without sounding rude? Regular readers of this drivel will know that I am a reasonably experienced tunnel rat. The first cache of the day was in a tunnel. It was dark, a little bit cramped, but (not wishing to sound rude) it didn’t really compare with the tunnels I visited on Sunday. Having said that, it’s not as though one can choose one’s tunnel. I’ve been hunting for a decent tunnel for geocachical purposes for some months now with no success.
The second cache of the day was billed as "being up". It’s not giving anything away to say that it was up a tree. Or, that is to say, one would get that impression from reading the logs. We sent Lisa up the tree, and when she just got slightly higher than the clouds I saw something on the ground. It was the cache. Iy must have fallen down. We opened it, and saw it was a replacement cache. Presumably the original had gone missing. And then Steve saw something. Another cache – the original one. It was as well (for Lisa) that Lisa was the driver. Me and Steve had done the find, performed our secret geocachical rituals and were ready to move on; leaving Lisa up the tree.
The third cache was a multi-cache, and was in many ways a work of genius. I will say no more about it than that; to do so would be to give away too much.

We would have liked to have carried on caching, but by now we were all soaked; the rain hadn’t let up. So we made our way back to the car, scoffed lunch and came home. I fussed my dog, the wet clothes went into the washing machine along with a load of shirts, and I spent a little while ironing. Dull, so dull.

With ironing done I did some more of my latest on-line course. The "Introduction to Psychology" course is but a happy memory. Results were published today - I scored seventy five per cent, which was a comfortable pass.
Now I'm finding out all about mathematical philosophy. As an introduction we have been looking at the infinite and logical paradoxes. So far it's not making a lot of sense. In fact I got as far as different sized infinite sets and stopped in case my brain exploded.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered - Arden Drive this time. Insults were bandied, and I stayed awake through a whole episode of Merlin. I like that show - I wish I'd stop nodding off during it...

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