16 July 2013 (Tuesday) - Busy

I slept through till gone 7.30am this morning - the exertions of the weekend had caught up with me. I got some laundry going and had brekkie. Laundry went on the line, more laundry went in to wash, and I got the hose pipe to the pond to top it up a little.
With "Daddies Little Angel TM" about we took the dogs out for a walk. Through Newtown into South Willesborough and home through Frog's Island. We came home via McMunchies; the new burger van at the bottom of our road. "Daddies Little Angel TM" occasionally acts as runner for that establishment, fetching them various supplies as needed. They do a rather good cheese and tomato toastie.

Home again, where more laundry went on to the line, more went in to wash, and the beer I got into the bucket last week went into the barrel. Hoovering, tidying, and then I played Candy Crush Saga until "Dog Food Man" arrived. "Dog Food Man" is a chap I met at Shadoxhurst fete the other day. He gave out a free sample of his dog food which "Furry Face TM" yummed up. I bought about a hundred days worth of the stuff today for eighteen quid - and "Dog Food Man" delivered it as well.

My phone rang. Whilst playing Candy Crush Saga I'd seen an advert for life assurance. After a bit of thinking and a bit of to-ing and fro-ing I've taken out a policy. When I croak the policy should stump up enough to cover the costs of disposing of my carcass, and should have enough left over for a drinkie or two for anyone who comes to laugh at the funeral. If any of my loyal readers are thinking of taking out any such insurances please let me know - I'll give you the number of the bloke I spoke to today. Tell him I gave you his number and he'll give me vouchers to spend in the High Street.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered. We watched the last ever episode of "Being Human". I liked that show. Mind you I did get the impression that towards the end they had rather run out of plot. Much of the story in tonight's episode did contradict what had gone before. But it was still good.
It was good to sit down and watch telly - I'd had rather a busy day...

Just before going to kip I checked my emails. At the weekend I'd heard from a lot of people that the kite festival in Teston in August was looking iffy because of ongoing building work. I'm reliably assured that the event is going ahead. Here's hoping...

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