4 July 2013 (Thursday) - Cleaning, Walking

"Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived rather earlier than I was expecting, and after a swift brekkie we wrestled the leads on to the dogs and took them out. Down the back roads to Britannia Lane, across the fields to Chilmington, and home through Singleton and Viccy Park. For those of my loyal readers who aren’t familiar with the area the walk was one of nearly three hours and was probably about six (or so) miles. Both dogs were well behaved; even if Sid did straggle a little.

We got home shortly before lunch time, and as the Rear Admiral visited I mowed the lawn. The lawn mower is making quite a noise about doing its job, but it still functions (thank heavens!). With the back garden done I pulled the weeds out of the front one. That took some doing.
Over a spot of lunch I reviewed the essay I wrote last week for the on-line psychology course. The idea was that all ten thousand students wrote an essay, then we all marked the essays of six randomly selected other students (i) and gave feedback. Today the marks given to those essays were published. I’ve still got one more person to pass judgement on what I wrote, but the average of the first five assessments is 94%. I’m quite pleased about that. There were two multiple choice exams as well – I got 73% and 79% for those two. Although the final grades are still to be published, I think I can assume I’ve passed.

With "Daddies Little Angel TM" setting off to do whatever it is she does I drove the car round to park it outside the house, got a mop and bucket, and swabbed two years’ worth of bird turds off of the thing whilst my dog barked at me from his vantage point on top of the sofa. And still in a cleaning mood I ran round with the hoover (our hoover is a Dyson) before getting out the boot polish and buffing up a couple of pairs of shoes.

er indoors TM" came home, and we took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round Challock. There was a geocache up there I'd had my eye on for some time. Not the average cache; this one took some effort. Quite a bit of finding out and walking was involved. We probably took an hour from leaving the car to finding the cache. And finally finding the cache took some doing; in the end resorting to "phone a friend". It was somewhat frustrating to find that I'd been rummaging in the right place for some time only to have er indoors TM" find the thing in two seconds flat.
Perhaps we might have been quicker if we'd driven from point to point, but the idea was to give the dog a walk. He likes his walks - and so do I...

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