24 July 2013 (Wednesday) - Stuff

A reasonable night's sleep. I say "reasonable" - I slept through till about 4am, then dozed fitfully before coming downstairs shortly after 6am to a sulking dog. "Furry Face TM" seems to know when I'm working. He seems to have a sulk with me on the days when I'm not going to be home with him. I'm sure he would rather I stayed home with him - he likes having "Fudgey Adventures". I'm not altogether sure that having a Fudgey Adventure is something of which I should be boasting, but there it is.
Today wasn't a Fudgey Adventure Day and so he blanked me at every opportunity. He sat on the back of the sofa and made a point of ignoring me whilst I brekkied and watched my DVD.

I set off to work and listened to the radio. There was a really interesting article about plans for manned exploration of the planet Mars involving sending out automated factories to make the fuel for return journeys from Mars out of ice and stuff in the Martian regolith. It rather boiled my piss that the news commentators treated the whole subject as light releif; almost worthy of ridicule.
Even more so when the next item was the banalities of sport. The antics of vastly overpaid footballers was treated as a matter of the utmost gravity.

I popped into Morrisons to get an apple, and then went round to Pets at Home. That was an experience. I was five minutes early so waited with the rest of the Great Unwashed for them to open. At two minutes to nine I could see movement inside the shop. A hoodie-wearing unshaven oik had appeared inside the shop. He pulled up his hood, put on some sunglasses and went up to the tills. He fiddled about for a few moments (I couldn't really see what he was doing), then came to the doors, forced one door open, pushed past me, got into a rather beaten-up J-registration Ford Esort and flew off at high speed. I commented to the world at lage that I hoped that "Thugbert" hadn't robbed the tills. The assembled throng looked at me with blank expressions. Out of the half-dozen people waiting to go into the shop, I was the only person to have seen this little episode. No one else had seen this happen, and everyone was peering into the distance in amazement watching traffic swerve as the old car jumped the traffic lights.
I would have mentioned what had happened to the staff in the shop, but when they finally opened the shop (five minutes late) they all seemed so disinterested that I couldn't be bothered to put myself out.

And so to work. I did my bit. As the day wore on so my hand got more and more sore. Yesterday I mentioned that I'd been stung by a wasp. As today went on so my hand swelled up more and more. It didn't initially hurt other than a mild itch, but it got more tender as the day went by. Perhaps I need anti-histamines, or even ointment...

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