15 July 2013 (Monday) - Jim'ard

Being the last day of camp we chop up all the leftover scoff and make omelettes for brekkie. Today as well as omelettes we had jim'ard. Jim'ard is basically all the leftovers that got the thumbs-down from the omelette maker. I quite liked it, even if it did give me wind.
And then we packed everything up, loaded it into the cars, drove it all home and put it all away. How easy it is to write that. Less than a minute to write; most of the day to do.

This year's Brighton Kite Festival was one of the better ones. Over the last few years I have felt that the attendance had been dropping. But this year's event was busy all the time. And it didn't rain. Not once. This is the first time we've not had serious rain at some point at Brighton. It was a really good weekend. I'm looking forward to next year's event. I'm very grateful to the organisers - if more people were like the people who run the kite festival the world would be a much better place.

Once home and unpacked I had a shower. Having lived in a field for a few days one appreciates the wonders of home plumbing. I fetched "Furry Face TM" from "My Boy TM", I put my weekend's photos on-line, and checked emails. All rather dull. The holiday is over, and it's back to the routine.
It's just as well my life's not that routine...

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