8 July 2013 (Monday) - A Sulking Dog

My silly dog has chewed the fur from around a patch at the base of his tail. I don't know why he does that. The Internet says they do that when they have an allergy to fleas. However he gets regular anti-flea treatment and he gets combed regularly. He doesn't have fleas. So until we can see the vet I put the bucket helmet on him to stop him biting himself. He *really* didn't like that, and started seriously sulking at me. So much so that he wouldn't share my brekkie toast this morning. Instead he made a point of jumping on my lap, making himself comfortable and then pointedly ignoring me.

My morning's haul of emails brought what I considered to be a minor victory. As I mentioned I've found every geocache within striking distance of home. I'm planning missions to clear up the map. As I go further and further from Ashford I'm finding caches marked on the map which were hidden by people who have hid the caches and given up with the hobby. Consequently the caches have long since fallen intodisrepair and have even completely gone, but the marker on the map remains. I've taken to emailing the people who hid the caches to get them to do something about them. One has replied and has promised action. Another hasn't replied, and so I've squealed them up to the geo-authorities who have taken action for them.
I'll get that map cleared up one way or another...

As I drove to work I listened to the radio. There was absolutely nothing of note. There was an interview with Andy Murray who yesterday won the tennis at Wimbledon. They asked him how he felt. He said that he was chuffed. And they dragged that out over half an hour. Dull - so dull. Sport is to be done; not watched. To add insult to injury the Prime Minister has suggested the chap be given a knighthood for winning the contest.
I've blogged before about the farcical honours system our country perpetuates...

On a more interesting note I see that the eagerly awaited Alan Partridge movie is to receive it's worldwide premier screening in Norwich. Where else?
I might just have to go to the cinema to see that one when it is released in a week or so...

And so home. During the day someone has taken the bucket off of my dog's head. He's not sulking now; as evidenced by the fact he helped me eat my pizza...

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  1. We used to use a product called Bitter bite on one of our cats.
    She had no fleas but just got into the habbit of gnawing at her tail.
    a coulpe of weeks of Bitter Bite and problem was solved.
    Good luck.