1 August 2013 (Thursday) - Dull

My little dog really likes being combed, so I raked through his fur whilst I scoffed brekkie and watched Blake's Seven this morning. Blake's Seven was particularly good; featuring a personal hero of mine - Brian Blessed. Mr B played the part of a space alien what shouted a lot. He played this part particularly well.

I left for work a few minutes earlier than I needed to. Geocaching dot com have arranged that you get an electronic souvenir for every day in August that you log a geo-find. With only two caches unfound within six miles of home, my hopes aren't high for getting many of these e-souvenirs, but I managed one on my way to work.

As always I listened to the radio as I drove. Today there was absolutely nothing of note in the news. There was some drivel about a survey showing how people fiddle with SmartPhones whilst watching telly. As if that was really any sort of revelation(!) The text of a hypothetical Queen's speech in the event of a nuclear war thirty years ago was revealed to the public, along with plans to flood Essex and Kent should floods have come before the Thames barrier. Raking up stories from 1983 shows how little happened in the wider world today.

And just as much happened in my world. I went to work, did my bit, and came home. Unfortunately too late for the astro club committee meeting. I wish I'd been able to get to that...

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