6 July 2013 (Saturday) - Pluckley

In the morning's haul of emails was a request that I complete an end of course survey about the on-line psychology course that I've recently finished. I felt rather guilty telling them that there was far too much course material, so much so that I didn't have time for any of the optional extras they'd included. Mind you I didn't feel that guilty telling them that there was no place for all the pro-vegetarian propaganda they'd been forcing on to us during that course. In retrospect I wonder if it was really pro-vegetarian propaganda; it might have actually been some psychological game they were playing.
Either way I shall continue scoffing dead animals.

My phone rang. "Daddies Little Angel TM" was in panic. Sarge - the dog who bats for the other team had gone missing. The theory was that he had left home looking for Fudge and Sid. Working on this premise it had been suggested that I should take Fudge to roam the streets near where Sarge had last been seen to act as bait. Finding myself absolutely bored to tears waiting for er indoors TM" to emerge from her pit I thought I might help. find him by doing just that
We were just about to set off when the phone rang again. Sarge had been found - he had been handed in to the local vets by a passing little old lady.

And so out for a gentle walk around Pluckley. I was a tad disappointed that there were only three of us. I'd invited nearly thirty people. I understand that this was all rather last minute, and that many people had other plans, but I can't help but wonder if Facebook invites is the best way to try to rally the troops - over half the people I invited along never replied in any way, shape or form. Don't get me wrong - I'm not whinging - it's people's prerogative to reply or not to; I just hope that people are getting the messages. From the way people react with surprise when they hear where I've been (despite my inviting them via Facebook invite) I suspect there is a breakdown in communication going on somehow.

But er indoors TM", "Furry Face TM" and I had a good stroll about. We found a few geocaches on the way. But only a few. Someone had hidden five caches on a route which could really have been good for thirty or more. We found all but one of them. The missing one hadn't been found since last September, so I think it had really gone. Mind you the ones we found all needed a little T.L.C., and more than a little maintenance. The cache owner seems to have a history of having caches archived from under him. I wonder if he wouldn't mind putting these caches up for adoption; I could make quite the walk out of the beginnings he's made.

Yesterday I finally got the new starter for the fish tank's fluorescent light. The light still didn't work. That could only mean that the tube had gone west. So once home from our walk we went round to Pets at Home to get a new tube. My piss boiled when I saw starter units on their shelves; the very things they told me that they didn't sell.
But we've now got what we wanted - a working light on the fish tank.

I had lots of plans for the evening. A family wedding. The festival in the park. A friend's surprise birthday party. Instead I stayed home feeling faintly nauseous. Too much sun today? - in future I must remember to wear a bandanna...

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