29 July 2013 (Monday) - Some Ranting

I would have had a good night's sleep. But because it was a hot night we had the bedroom window open. The people finishing their shift in the factory down the road came up the road at 2.05am. Rather than walking next to the person with whom they wished to talk, conversations were bellowed across the street. I was rather restless after that.
Over a spot of brekkie I watched a drama I'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box. It featured Victoria Wood in a tale about the tribulations of a member of the WRVS during the last war. It was quite watchable; it was only a shame that they had to make a point of one of the characters having had a gay lover who died. This seemed to have been done for no other reason than to make a politically correct point. It added nothing to the show, and rather niggled me for no reason that I could see.

As I listened to the morning's news I heard something else politically correct. This one boiled my piss.
In parts of the country there is a campaign to encourage illegal immigrants to return to their countries of origin. Messages are being broadcast in a variety of ways to do this. However many eminent politicians don't like the message "In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest". It's apparently offensive to people who are in the UK illegally and therefore face arrest.
Perhaps we should give them bigger houses and more dole courtesy of the tax payer to sooth their hurt feelings? You couldn't make it up!

Mind you the next bit gave me a wry smile. There was an article on survival rates after testicular cancer. The rates are good, and are improving. However the pundit on the radio was advocating that men should "have a rummage" regularly to feel for odd lumps and bumps on their junk, and was at something of a loss as to how to convey instructions concisely.
It was apparently a matter of some concern that many of the lower orders don't actually know what the word "testicle" means; in certain circles the word "testicle" is as likely to refer to a breast or a buttock as it is to a clockweight.
The chap from the cancer institute being interviewed was saying that they have endless complaints because their literature features terms such as "kn*ck*rs" and "b*ll*cks". Those of us that aren't pond scum find such terminology offensive in official literature; however not using the vernacular presents a difficulty for the scrattering orders who (apparently) don't understand any other words for the "flowers and frolics".
It's another world, isn't it?

And so to work where I did my bit. I spent much of the day alternating between staring out of the window at the glorious sunshine and staring at tomorrow's weather forecast predicting heavy rain. I hope the forecast is wrong again. I want to do stuff tomorrow...

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