1 July 2013 (Monday) - Busy

For some time I've been planning to put out a geocache or two near where I go tunnel-ratting. I've been having serious problems contacting the landowner. No one at Network Rail will reply to me. A couple of weeks ago someone else put out a series of caches in the general area so I asked them who their contact for permission was. As I checked my emails over brekkie this morning I got this reply "Hi David, sorry, can't help you with that I'm afraid. Obviously Network Rail will be your starting point, but having dealt with their H&S people before, I wish you success :("
How do I interpret that? Would it cause physical pain to give the name of a contact? I suspect that this reply means that the person who put these caches out has done what everyone else does and just put the caches out without any permission. Or the chap's just being awkward. I wonder which.

I scrounged a lift up to town; I had one or two bits to do. First of all I popped into the charity shop. I decided I would chase them for a refund for the shelf that they broke when delivering the unit last Wednesday. Any reservations I might have had evaporated when I spoke with the chap at the till. He oh-so-politely suggested that I hadn’t actually bought anything from them ever, and was rather taken aback when I produced the receipt. He even more politely hinted that there was nothing wrong with the unit that was delivered, and was rather shocked that I challenged him to ring the delivery people; even more shocked when he saw their phone number on my mobile, and was utterly devastated when the delivery chap immediately confessed to having broken the shelf. Notwithstanding his utter defeat he attempted sarcasm by asking how much of a refund I wanted, and found himself speechless when I presented the bill from the glazier.
As I left the shop he was blathering platitudes about how people try to con them out of money on a regular basis.

I then went round to the pound shop to get some magnetic key holders (I use them as geocaches). Not only had the pound shop sold out, they told me that they don’t do them any more. That’s a pain. They were fifty pence each in the pound shop and are two quid each on eBay. I then trolled round all the cheapo-bargain shops in Ashford but couldn’t find any that sold magnetic keyholders.
In the geocachical world opinion is divided on the use of magnetic keyholders as geocaches. There are those that dislike them because they are cheap, easy to hide, easy to find and easy to replace. Personally I love them for exactly those reasons.

And so home to collect "Furry Face TM" and to go for our walk. We went down to Park Farm. I’d had reports that two of my caches there had gone missing. I replaced one with my last magnetic key holder, and the other one is going to be somewhat trickier to replace. “Eye-Spy beginning with Y” was a yogurt drink container (Yazoo). I say “was” – it’s gone missing. Despite having washed the thing out thoroughly with boiling water I had received reports that it was a tad whiffy. I need to find something else beginning with the letter “Y”.
Whilst we were out Fudge was really well behaved, being off the lead and coming back when called. He was a perfect angel right up to the point where he found the biggest pile of fox poo you ever did see and having smeared most of it over himself he ate what was left over.

Home again where I washed the fox poo from my dog and put laundry onto the line. I then did the monthly accounts. I’m rather skint this month. I blame spending too much last month; we did go out rather a lot, I did buy far too much lego railway, and I think I spent too much on a geocache project that (so far) hardly anyone has tried to find.
I checked my phone’s answer machine. Whilst we were out I’d had a message from a Mr Syrett. It was with reference to Chelsea; he'd like to speak to Mark, and (apparently) I have his phone number. The message didn’t make it clear whose phone number I had; but presumably it was either Mr Syrett’s or Mark’s.

I then did the last of my on-line psychology lectures. There is still a little bit to be done with the assessments, and we’ve been promised a “thank-you-and-goodnight” video. To stop boredom and to keep the brain working I’ve signed up for another course – “Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy” which might be interesting. Time will tell. If nothing else, it’s free…

And then being at a loose end I played Candy Crush Saga for half an hour (or so)

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