2 July 2013 (Tuesday) - Cheap

The beneficial effects of the 5-hydroxy-triptamine would seem to have worn off. I went to bed at 11pm last night, woke at 1am and saw every hour of the night from then on. I finally got up at 5am and after my morning ablutions watched DVDs over a spot of brekkie. I quite like peanut butter and marmalade on toast for brekkie. Yesterday I scoffed the last of the expensive stuff - today we were back on to the bargain brand. And it never fails to amaze me that people claim that they can taste the difference. We didn't get the cheap stuff last time as it had sold out. We got the cheap stuff now. It tastes every bit as good as the branded stuff which is double the price.

I stopped off at the supermarket on the way to work. I'd got a voucher from them a while ago and wanted to spend it on a bottle of port. Tesco's won't sell port to me at 7am. I've tried, and they've told me to go away. Morrisons were only too happy to take my money. Port is another obvious area for economy in my world. I can understand that when one is being posh one might appreciate the finer things in life. However when one is roughing in it a tent, by the time the question of port is broached, one might as easily be drinking Toilet Duck.
Or is it just me...?

And so home. As I drove home I scoffed some strawberry bonbons I'd bought as a treat for myself. They were the cheap ones too.
On reflection not much happened today. And what did happen was cheap...

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