14 July 2013 (Sunday) - Brighton Kite Festivall (Still)

Another hot morning saw me out of bed and out of tent before 7am. This time I just sat in my chair and watched the world go by. The view from our camp was rather good. I dozed off and woke an hour later to find everyone else was up and about. In a break with tradition we didn't have our morning fry-up in a sandwich. Being Sunday we had brekkie from a plate. It was either out of respect to the baby Jesus, of from fear of being struck on the hinders with a frog. I'm not sure which it was.

As the shoppers went off shopping I wandered down the hill a little and spent some time chatting with the in-laws who were camping next door. And then it was time for the kiddies kite making workshop again. Some of today's kiddies weren't too keen on the idea of flying their kites into trees as they wouldn't be able to get the kites back. Apparently no one had told the children that before mothers are allowed to have children they have to get the gold certificate in tree climbing. When I explained that if their kites got stuck then their mothers would climb that tree as fast as a fish they all seemed more pleased with the arrangement.

With four hundred kiddie-kites made we then went and flew some kites of our own before helping with the site clear up at the end of the afternoon. And once sous-chef had done his thing with an onion we had a rather good curry for tea. We then got the Blokus out and had a good go.
More beer, port, Pimms... it al got very vague (so I am told), and so to bed at 2.20am...

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