11 July 2013 (Thursday) - Dull

Another decent night's sleep. "Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived rather early, and we got the dogs organised and set off on our morning's constitutional. Today we went into town. First of all to Wilkos for sun cream and the makings of beer. And then to Lidls where I had a shock. For those of my loyal readers who don’t know the shop, I have heard it said (somewhat unfairly) that Lidls keeps the riff-raff out of the pound-shops. Imagine my surprise when I saw what looked just like the wife of "The Man With No Alias" (patent pending) in there doing the weekly shopping. I looked twice, and a third time. On very close scrutiny I realised it wasn’t her at all, but the resemblance was uncanny.

We continued our walk into the park where we met loads of people. Orangehead was there with her chunky little friend and the rest of her posse. Steve cycled past and we chatted for a bit. And we met up with one of "Daddies Little Angel TM"’s school friends (from the days when she used to show up at school).

And so home. I had an early lunch, and then continued packing the car. I scrubbed the table covers and got them on the line to dry, then went through the food boxes. The rice and pasta had been moused over the winter. Perhaps from now on we won’t store food in the shed.

And with as much packed as I could pack I got the makings of the next load of beer in to brew, and then wasted much of the rest of the day playing Candy Crush Saga.
I wish we could go camping sooner...

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