18 July 2013 (Thursday) - Dull

After a week or so off of work my holiday ended. And so (predictably) I was wide awake at 3am. I hate that. I got up shortly after 6am and watched BattleStar Galactica DVDs over brekkie whilst I combed FF. When we first got his comb he hated it, but now he's come to love it. I only have to pick it up and he will jump on my lap.

And so to work. I only listen to the news as I drive to work. I've not missed much.
The news was all a-twitter about the government's latest initiative; the inspectorate of hospitals.
On the one hand I can't help but feel it will be little more than another way to bully an overworked body of people who already have quite enough stress in their lives.
On the other hand I wonder if I might apply for a job with them.

Here's something to bear in mind. If you are buying a house beware. In the past I learned the difference between a valuation and a full structural survey. For those of my loyal readers who are unsure of the difference, the main point is that a valuation may find all sorts of problems with the house, (even if the house may still be worth the asking price) but the valuer is under no obligation to tell you about them. However with a survey you get told what's wrong. Just getting a valuation means you may end up with subsidence, dry rot and all sorts of problems for which you can't sue the surveyor. It turns out that if the house you buy is haunted, you similarly have no legal recourse.

I stopped off at Morrisons for some shopping before work. I've now been stopping off there for nearly two years. Today I realised for the first time that not only is there cashpoint machines there, they also have a quite substantial recycling centre too. It's amazing what you miss when you are not paying attention.

I've had a really good little holiday over this last week. In comparison today was rather dull...

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