3 July 2013 (Wednesday) - Bit Dull...

I was sleeping like a log until 3am when all hell broke loose. Heaven only knows what happened - from what I could work out "er indoors TM" and "Furry Face TM" had some sort of a fight. I didn't dare get involved, and I then spent the rest of the night wishing that they hadn't had that fight. I had been sleeping peacefully up until then.

I had my brekkie, and set off to work. As is so often the case the pundits on the radio were sticking the knife in to the NHS. I wish they wouldn't. They were whinging about the latest thinly veiled witch-hunt in which all surgeons are to have their failures blazoned all over the internet. Apparently it's in the public interest. It may well be *if* the data is reliable.
I don't think it is. Take a local surgeon. This chap specialises in joint surgery. If he replaces your hip joint you are only half as likely to die compared with the national average. however if he does your knee you are twice as likely to die compared with the national average. How does that work?

There was also consternation about organ donation. Welsh law is changing so that rather than giving consent to have your unwanted offal recycled when you die, consent is now assumed. If you *don't* want your organs to be used then you have to say so. With three people dying every day for want of organ donation how can this be anything other than good?

And then my piss boiled. there was quite a bit of talk about computer models of the future when the sun expands and the Earth dies Microbes will be the last survivors on the planet, and even they will die off. Admittedly this won't happen for quite a while, but the story was being presented as though it was news. It's not. It's common knowledge and has been for some time. Don't the general public realise this?

After I'd done my bit at work I came home via the sweetie shop. White maltesers - oh yes! And so home. "er indoors TM" was off flogging candles and so I had intended to settle down in front of the telly and watch some DVDs. I say "intended" - instead I spent much of the evening trying to find the remote control for the telly. The next telly will be one *without* a remote control.

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