26 July 2013 (Friday) - This n That

Another reasonable night's sleep. I slept through till about 4am, then lay awake until 5am wondering if the geocaches which had been published last night had yet been found. Two had gone live in Park Farm (one on a path along which Fudge and I walk regularly - usually at least once a week). Both went live at 11pm last night. I could have gone looking for them then, but going geocaching leaves you looking suspicious enough; scrubbling about in the darkness is just asking to have the police come along and arrest you. So I got up at 5am, had some brekkie, and on seeing no one had logged anything on-line I went to have a look before work.
I parked up in Park Farm just after 6am, and as I got out of my house some dopey loking bloke came out of his house and told me that he lived there. I smiled sweetly, and he repeated himself. I looked up and down the street whist he repeated himself a third time, and then I had an idea. Did he want me to move my car? He did. I drove the car five yards up the street whilst dopey watched me. I then got out and asked if he was happy with my new parking place. He said he was, so I went off, had a quick nosey about a fence, and then found the cache. It had a blank log. No one else had been. I was first to find. I wondered about going on to look for the second new cache but thought better of the idea. I had plenty of time, but I thought that I would content myself with just finding the one. Someone else could have the fun and the kudos of that FTF; I'm not greedy. It transpired that the other cache wasn't found until 7pm in the evening. They aren't usually left that long.

I drove to work feeling rather smug. As I drove I listened to the news. It would seem that the Archbishop of Canterbury has scored something of an own goal. Having taken a leaf out of his own book (the Bible) he's decided to declare war on the money lenders. He's probably got a point. For thousands of years people have got rich by lending money (at extortionate rates of interest) to the poorer elements of society. The bishop has decided that such actions are immoral and he's taking a stance. He's publicly declared war on one such company and named it; Wonga.
I've often lambasted the hierarchy of the Church of England for not following the teachings of their Bible. Al credit to the bishop for doing what his Bible tells him is the right thing to do. For what it's worth I agree with him. It's a shame that no one told him that the Church of England has been investing heavily in that company for some time. Whoops!

And so to work where I did my bit. And then came home a little earlier than usual. I'd booked a couple of hours leave so's I could go to the astro club. Astro club was good, as it usually is. It was only a shame that Stevey and the rear Admiral weren't along. I spent the evening worrying about where they were. It turned out that they were at the hospital with the most recent fruit of my loin. She's hurt her hand. Again...

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