12 July 2013 (Friday) - Off to Brighton

I was up with the lark raring to go, and was on Tony's doorstep before 8am. We did a quick trip to Tesco and then set off to Brighton. Over a spot of brekkie I'd checked my emails and had seen that (for no apparent reason) six new geocaches had gone live within striking distance of where we were planning to camp. As we pulled in to Stanmer Park I went for one of them. Having been published at 7.30am I wasn't expecting to be First to Find, but I was. The cache had remained unfound for nearly three hours. Wouldn't happen in Kent! I suspected that the other five caches were at that time still waiting for someone to claim FTF, but I was happy with one; I'm not greedy.

We had the offer of bacon butties with friends in Brighton, but reluctantly had turned the offer down. It takes quite a while to set up camp, and so we cracked on. The Rear Admiral arrived after only a couple of minutes (complete with "Daddies Little Angel TM" and Sid), and we soon had our tents up. It wasn't long before the rest of our party arrived, and we soon had our camp together.
A spot of baguette for lunch, a quick kite-fly, and then I went for a little drive with Dave. He was going to look at buying a new car and there was a particularly tricky geocache nearby that was giving him grief, He wanted my expert skills (!) to help find it. I was no help at all, but Rhiannon (aged nine) came up trumps. Whilst we were out and caching I picked up another First to Find; this one some eight hours after it had gone live.

Back to base, and with most of the crew together we scoffed tea, and then went for a little wander. This was our twelfth year at Brighton Kite Festival, and we'd never before gone for a walk in the nearby woods. And we picked up one or two geocaches as we went. After all, they were our waymarkers. Without them we wouldn't have a walk.

Once more back to base where everyone had assembled. I cracked open the home brew. Quite good. We had a pint or two of the stuff, and then a bottle or two of port. I went to bed shortly after midnight feeling definitely the worse for wear.

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