7 May 2013 (Tuesday) - Stuff

Last night we caught up on the episodes of "Doctor Who" we'd not seen over the last couple of weeks. To its credit the show is more and more harping back to its origins "Brave hearts" and cloister bells abounded which was good. But on reflection the program has gone from being an exercise in gay rights propaganda to being very much a children's show. These days I find I watch it out of a sense of duty rather than because I want to. The two most recent episodes were entertaining, but in each case the plot was somewhat noticeable by its absence.

Having had a reasonably good few night's sleep I was wide awake for much of the night last night; laying bored before finally giving up and getting up at 5am. Fudge was particularly soppy this morning. Perhaps he's taken yesterday's telling-off to heart?
I would have watched more Babylon 5 DVDs over brekkie but on Friday I watched the last one. For a very good series the ending was rather lame. I've started watching a series called "Derek" (starring Ricky Gervais) that I recorded on to the SkyPlus box. I quite like it.

I set off to work slightly earlier than usual today. I needed petrol. I seem to need petrol more often than I did a few months ago. I shall check the car's tyre pressures to see if that might improve efficiency. However I suspect the fuel economy has gone down since I put the seats back into the car. Driving heavy seats here and there must burn fuel. Still, the price of petrol's gone down two pence over the weekend. Every little helps (!)

As I drove this morning I listened to the radio. The latest celebrity to be accused of molesting small children has been announced. It's Jimmy Tarbuck. Apparently he abused a child some time in the late 1970s, which is approximately thirty five years ago. Whilst what he did was wrong, it must also be wrong for his accuser to wait so long before saying anything. (If indeed there ever was anything to mention).
Tarby is consequently comprehensively stuffed. Having been accused of vile crimes, he can't possibly provide any defence whatsoever other than just to deny it and appeal to a jury to believe him. After thirty five years how can he provide any alibi for where he was and what he was doing at the time of any alleged incidents. Do any of us know what we were doing (for example) on the evening of 7 May 1978?
There was something on this matter on the radio the other day. The police are noticing a lot of people making baseless allegations against celebrities on the hope of getting some money out of the poor celebs. The government has putting a limit on mis-sold PPI and telling people that if you haven't claimed by now then it's too late. In much the same way the government should put a time limit on how long someone can wait before making these allegations.

And so home. The clans gathered at our place tonight. It was good to bandy insults and to watch "Merlin" with friends. Fudge certainly enjoyed the company...

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