3 May 2013 (Friday) - Busy Busy

I was up and out of bed a little earlier than I might have been today. A quick bit of brekkie and I had a rummage in the astro club's accounts. Having decided that I had far too large a float in the money box I blagged a lift into town and paid three hundred quid into the bank. I could have had a mooch round the shops. I didn't. Instead I came home and put the leads on Fudge and Sid (who was with us again) and took both dogs for a walk. Out through Newtown to the Swan Centre and on to Frog's Island where the dogs could have a run. I say "could"; I let them both off their leads. Fudge took of like a thing possessed. Sid stayed by my side, haunting my every movement. He had a little play with Fudge, but the moment he realised I'd walked on a further five yards he was gripped by panic and ran to my side.
I wish he'd give me some space. He's a lovely dog but very clingy. Once we got home he was under my feet so much that I actually fell face-first onto the floor where he wouldn't get out from under me.

On Wednesday I mentioned that I'd slaughtered the clematis and roses hanging over the fence. Having walked the dogs I then took all the generated garden rubbish to the tip. The tip was surprisingly busy for a weekday. Pausing only briefly to deliver two astro club cheques I then went on to Tesco's. There was a new geocache in their car park. I felt rather conspicuous rooting about, but it rather goes with the game.
I then went into Tesco's. Bum-wipe doesn't buy itself you know. I then came home via B&Q as I needed a new combination padlock. A geocache I hid recently had (as part of the puzzle) a padlock combination to be solved. This morning I had an email from someone who'd solved the puzzle telling me that they found the padlock had been forced. I've bought a somewhat sturdier lock. Let's see how this one holds up.

Once home I did some more gardening. My garden waste bin is nearly full (again). And having gardened I did an hour's homework. Dull, but needs must. And with homework done I did some more gardening. I hacked back more of next door's overgrowth. As I did Fudge and Sid would periodically start barking for no apparent reason. After an hour I found out what was upsetting them. Relations with one of our next door neighbours has never been good. Someone in that house was deliberately provoking the dogs by rattling and banging their back door until the dogs barked. I proved this by bringing the dogs in and keeping them quiet and watching next door's back door from an upstairs window. Their back door handle rattled and shook, and the door banged opened and closed until I let the dogs bark. It then stopped. I got the dogs quiet again, and watched the door again. Sure enough someone rattled and banged the door until the dogs started making noise. Then they stopped with the door for a few minutes.
After the fifth or sixth time of them intentionally winding up the pups I shouted over the fence that the game was getting boring, and perhaps they might leave the dogs alone and wind me up instead by playing scales on their infernal piano. The door banging stopped.

I then cleaned out two water features which over the years had got clogged up with leaves. Both are serviceable if I can get new pumps for them. And then I gave Fudge a bath; having played with him and the fountain he had got rather soaked in smelly water.

And with er indoors TM" out flogging candles I went out with Lisa for an evening's caching. It was a really good evening to be out and about. And I wanted to try my NeonGeo app in off-line mode. It sort of worked, but not quite how I was hoping it would. Which was a shame...

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