27 May 2013 (Monday) - Bank Holiday

I've had a good few days off of work, and so it was with a heavy heart that I dragged my carcass out of bed shortly before 6am this morning. I'd woken over an hour before that, and had lain there trying to get some more sleep. It wasn't happening. I got up and vaguely speculated on taking Fudge for an early walk. He was still fast asleep and wasn't showing much interest in moving about.

I spent a few minutes pootling on the Internet and then set off to work. I put the radio on (expecting the worst) and was disappointed. There was very little of note going on in the world. Those who make money out of fomenting discontent were trying to stir up a furore about the Prime Minister taking a holiday.
His deciding to take a short break was (apparently) rather badly timed in view of the recent terror attack in South London. Whilst what happened was terrible, those that deal with the aftermath of such events are on the case. There is little that the Prime Minister can do himself that others could not do better. Without wishing to downplay what happened, there are always crises and catastrophes that could prevent a Prime Minister from taking a break. Is he supposed to go the entire five years of his tenure without a day off?

Whilst on the way to work I got some petrol. I had this theory that petrol stations wouldn't be busy at 8am on a Bank Holiday. The one I went to wasn't. It was very quiet. I brandished my Morrisons card at them (as I always do) and they told me that I had accrued enough points to get a voucher. Having been spending over sixty quid a month in the place for the last year they've given me a voucher worth five quid off stuff in their store. I shall buy a bottle of port.

And so to work. After the major hikes I've been on for these last four days I quite enjoyed the rest that I had today. For all that I was busy, it wasn't arduous physical effort which did come as welcome relief; even if I did spend some time looking out of the window at the glorious weather wishing that I was outside in the sunshine with my dog.
I wonder if he likes being out in the sunshine quite as much as he used to?

As I came home I was shocked to hear the news. Bill Pertwee has died. Famous for his part of Warden Hodges in Dad's Army, it's a shame that he's gone. However I must admit I thought he died years ago...

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