11 May 2013 (Saturday) - Into Dullness

Yesterday I mentioned that I was a bit dubious about the consistency of my peanut brittle. Having stuck it in the fridge overnight to set, I was rather disappointed this morning to find it wasn't so much "peanut brittle" as "peanut soggy." But rather than throwing it out as a mistake I decided to give it a little longer to solidify with a view to eventually eating it with a spoon.
Any future batches will have less water and more boiling in the recipe.

Fudge was particularly soppy this morning and he cuddled on my lap whilst I watched more on-line psychology lectures. This morning's talk was interesting -the chap speaking touched on an interesting experiment done in 1973 where psychological workers investigated mental hospitals. The basic premise of the research was that sane people faked serious mental illness to see if they could get locked up for being doolally. The ruse was to pretend to hear voices in their heads which is apparently a symptom of being crackers. (I can't see what's so mad about hearing voices,but what do I know?) And once locked up these actors then started acting sane to see if they could get let out again. Presumably their being sane wasn't pretending?

It turned out that it was far easier to get diagnosed as "being round the twist" than it was to be diagnosed as "not barking mad". Interestingly the so-called expert psychologists were completely taken in by the people pretending to be shot away, and then had all sorts of excuses and reasons about why a mad person would exhibit absolutely no signs of madness at all. However real nut cases saw right through the ruse straight away, thinking these people were actually journalists doing an expose on the nut houses..
This research (understandably) upset those who make a living out of diagnosing people to be mad, and the superintendent of one such nut house challenged the people doing this research to send him some "make beleive loonies." He wanted to prove that his establishment could sort the genuinely mad from those faking it. This nut house then proclaimed that forty of the next one hundred patients were stooges pretending to be mad when in fact the researchers hadn't actually got round to sending anyone along to play at being "bow-wow-wow".
It all rather leaves me somewhat dubious about the entire concept of diagnosing mental illness.

Once I'd done my learning I set off to work. And then came back home again to pick up my phone before setting off again.
I took a rather scenic route to work today via Wye where I found a geocache which for some odd reason I hadn't looked before. It was easy to find and was in a rather beautiful location. Flushed with success I stopped off in Thanington to find another cache - this one came to light under a bridge by the river. I was quite pleased with myself for having found two caches, and went into work feeling rather chuffed.

The feeling of chuffed-ness lasted most of the day, which was surprising. I wasn't actually supposed to be working today. I'd swapped into this weekend to get out of working another weekend (the planned camping for which has since been cancelled), and I was also missing out on a curry night and the chance to meet up with Terry who was down for the day.
Mind you as the day wore on so the rain started and got particularly heavy. I'd rather be at work when it's raining...

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