5 May 2013 (Sunday) - Steam Rally (?)

Several of the kite fliers are spending the weekend at Merton farm's steam rally. Originally we'd planned to go up to visit on Friday evening but events conspired against us. Originally we were going to go for a walk round the Bexhill area today,but events conspired against that as well. So today we went out to Merton farm.

We'd arranged to meet Dave at 9am, so I shouldn't really be that surprised that we didn't get there until 9.40. We did pop in to a geocache on the way. There is one cache I've had my eye on for some time - the location and the key to get into the cache are on a travel bug which moves from cache to cache around the county. This morning I got the heads-up where the key was to be found - in a cache not ten minutes from where the kiters were camping. So we picked it up whilst passing.

We found our way to Merton farm - site of Canterbury beer festival. Soon we were enjoying bacon sarnies with Dave & Tracy. We met up with a few old friends. Not many - I was surprised at how few kiters were there.
We then had a mooch round the steam rally. I say "steam rally" - it was billed as a steam rally. There were half a dozen small steam engines, quite a few vintage army vehicles, several old cars and motorbikes, and an up-market boot fair. Being with the kiters we'd got in for free. Had we paid the £5.50 entrance fee (per person) I would have been disappointed. But it was as well that stuff was being sold. We got a new dog lead from the guide dog stall; Fudge had managed to snap his extending lead.

Back to base, and then Rhiannon and Dave came with us on a little circuit of nearby geocaches including the one for which we'd got the key. With no wind there was no kite flying gong on and it was a lovely day for a walk.
We were out for an hour or so, and when we came back Tracy had put on a rather good lunch. Very nice! As the wind slowly picked up so some kites went up. Fudge was allowed off the lead and was incredibly well behaved (apart from ripping open someone's football). I think we might trust him at camping.

Home, and after a rather good bit of tea er indoors TM" set off bowling. I had intended to get the ironing done, but the evening was too good for that. So I got Fudge's collar and new lead and we went for a little walk. For two and a half hours...

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