19 May 2013 (Sunday) - The Kent Mega Series

Yesterday's walk was really good, but it wasn't physically anywhere near as challenging as some walks I've done over the last few months. So I can't help but wonder why I was so tired yesterday. I fell asleep through every single thing I put on the telly last night and on going off to my pit I slept like a log.
"Furry Face TM" sneaked upstairs some time in the night and woke me with his fidgeting and scratching at 5.15am which was a shame. If not for that I may well have slept on through till morning.

Over a spot of brekkie I checked emails, did the secret e-preparation for the day (known only to initiated geocachers) and shouted at my grand-dog to shut him up; he was having a hysterical woofing fit because someone had dared walk up the other side of the road.

And so off on the day's mission. It would be on the only day that we get out early that everyone else thought we were on a 10am start (rather than 9am) but such is life. Soon we were all together in the right car park and after going to the toilet (for geocachical purposes) we set off on a walk. A series of thirty caches put out because of next year's Kent mega-geocaching event. A dozen of us set off and once I'd lead the team into a swamp (woops!) and redeemed myself by climbing up a tree the rest of our number arrived. In total sixteen of us (and two small dogs) followed on and completed the ten mile route. It was a warm day, but a good day to be out. Walking in the sunshine with good company and finding little plastic boxes too. Can't be bad. Whilst we were out I got my cache count to over 1700. Another mucker got his to over 1500, and a new friend who's only been playing this game for three weeks found her one hundredth cache. The only bad thing I could say about the day was that it was a shame that I had to sit on a stinging nettle.

We finished the route shortly after 4pm and said our goodbyes to our friends. But rather than coming home we drove a few miles further down the road and spent an hour doing a small loop of caches. A few months ago we'd spent a day caching round Malling and we'd not had time to do the series in Offham. We did those on our way home.

Once home I had a count-up. I'd done forty caches today. I was impressed. Fudge wasn't so much impressed as worn out. He had a bath as he'd been chest deep in a manky river and the mud was still peeling from his belly. And once he'd been scrubbed and he'd scoffed his tea he took himself off to his bed and was soon soundly snoring.
As always there are photos of the day on-line... I'm thinking of having an early night.

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