23 May 2013 (Thursday) - The Leigh Loop

I was up earlier than most people would normally have been on a day off, but we were on a mission. Once brekkie was scoffed Steve arrived and we all set off to Surrey for a day's geocaching. We'd found a series of caches to give us our furthest west caches and also (possibly) our highest daily total of caches found.

The Leigh Loop has sixty four caches, and as we went round we came across half a dozen others that we tried for. As we walked the weather was incredibly varied, ranging from glorious sunshine to hailstorms. We met all sorts of animals. As well as the usual cows, sheep and horses we saw alpacas and deer too.

Lunch was in the beer garden of the Three Horseshoes; a pub which is certainly doomed to closure in the near future if the attitude of the landlord we saw today is typical of how he conducts himself.
We'd started walking shortly before 10am, we finished just before 8pm having walked fourteen miles and having achieved our target of getting our best ever day's cache count - sixty eight caches found. We failed to find three. One really wasn't there, one was there (in a log) but we couldn't find it, and one was in ivy so wasn't worth the effort to find (!) One cache involved me climbing up into a tree, another had er indoors TM" being sent down a tunnel in her welllies.

I found a trackable coin in one of the caches and (quite frankly) I wish I hadn't. Within an hour of logging that I now had the coin I got an email saying "Thank you for picking up our geo coin from LL47....We look forward to seeing where the coin goes next." from the coin owner. I then "visited" it to the next dozen caches that I went to. I came home to find that the coin owner has deleted all the "visited" logs. What was that all about?

We got home shortly after 9am, and then in between a rather good tea and episodes of "Big Bang Theory" I attempted to get my phone's spare batteries charged up. Geocaching does eat the batteries...

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