9 May 2013 (Thursday) - Bit Dull...

Over a spot of brekkie I watched another of my psychology course lectures. Quite interesting, but I am rather sceptical about how this course may turn out. The lecturer today was very clear on the fact that some parts of psychology are science and are experimentally valid whilst others are based on conjectures that are unprovable and are (at best) mere speculation.

Just as I was ready to leave for work Fudge wanted to play. He always wants to play at the wrong times. When I have hours I could spend with him he sleeps.
And so to work. Being on a late shift I missed most of the morning's news program; which was probably for the best. Instead was a documentary-style show about Icelandic mythology of a thousand years ago. It turns out that the folk stories of a millennium ago aren't that much different (in principle) from the stories of many of today's TV shows. Psychology in action, I suppose.

I went to work via Pets at Home where I got Furry Face his next few meals, and I also got him a replacement extending lead. This one is a super-long version which should be good for getting into tangles. I also popped into the cheapo bargains shop. One of my colleagues brought some peanut brittle into work the other day and had given me the recipe. The cheapo bargains shop is always the best place to get cheap ingredients. Today there were no errant porkers getting in my way and I was in and out in two minutes.

And so to work. I'd had a phone call yesterday asking if I wouldn't mind doing a 10pm finish. I didn't really mind; even if it is rather late. er indoors TM" and Lisa had cone out for an evening's crafty cache so I would have come home to an empty house had I been on a normal finish so events turned out for the best really. As I was about to drive home my mobile rang - the er indoors TM" -mobile had gone west. The nice breakdown man suspected the crankshaft sensor. I didn't know that cars had crankshaft sensors.

Today was one of those dull days...

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  1. I wondered, as you are a scientist, how you would get on with the psychology course. I took psychology at O level and it drove me nuts. It seems the idea is to spend an weeks on an experiment which at the end has no true conclusion. It always seemed to finish up as..."Subject reacted in 'such and such' a way. This could mean that......blah blah...or it could mean that....blah blah." Which all seemed like a waste of time. It might be just me but I like an experiment to come to a conclusion. I shall be interested to find out if things have changed over the years.